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F540 Operations Record Book August 1960 for No. 2 Squadron Jever 1August1960.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2724-2
Place. Date. Time.    Summary of Events.                   COMPILING OFFICER_FLT. LT. A.J. GUNN__ References

        (a)     Exercise Ginger.     On the 23rd of the month, 16 sorties were flown against
         units of the German Army and Air Force.     One of the targets was gun defended
         and a line search for a missile provided good training value.

        (b)     Exercise Amled.     No. 79 Squadron arrived at Jever on the 25th to take
         part in Amled on the 26th, unfortunately however, the weather clamped and they
         returned without taking part.   2 Squadron flew 4 sorties.

        (c)     Flying Training.     After several weeks of concentrated weapons training
         the accent this month was on recce training.   Two Full-houses were organised
         and 46 sorties were tasked by the T.O.C.   In addition, the Squadron practised
         air to ground firing at Strohen range and some night flying was carried out.

        (d)     Demonstrations.     On the 12th August, FLT.LT. RIMINGTON flew a Swift to
         the U.K. and gave an aerobatic demonstration at an air display at Coltishall and

        (e)     Flying Effort.
                                                          DAY                        NIGHT
                            SWIFT                267.35                     5.00
                            HUNTER             11.55                     1.00


         (a)     Ground Training.     Films covering a variety of subjects were shown during
         the month and the epidiascope was used for recognition and V.R. training.          Emergency procedures were discussed and S.O.P.'s revised in some detail.

         (b)     Sport.
                    (i)     In the final match of the inter-section cricket knockout competition
                   the squadron lost to Flying Wing by some 50 runs.

                   (ii)    The first game of the soccer season was played this month when the
                   squadron drew a friendly match with Tech Wing.

         (c)     Attachments and Detachments.     FLT.LT. BARCILON attended an
         acceptance conference at Dunsfold where discussions were held on the
         servicing aspects of the Hunter 10.

         (d)     Entertainment.     At a Dinner Night at the beginning of the month, the
         squadron dined out SQN.LDR. C.A.WADE and welcomed the new C.O.,
         SQN.LDR. C.S. MACDONALD.   The opportunity was also taken to say goodbye
         to the chief G.L.O. MAJOR MCGREGOR.   Several other informal parties were
         enjoyed during the month.

         (e)     Postings
                   (i)     Officers         IN       SQN.LDR. C.S. MACDONALD
                                              OUT       SQN.LDR. C.A. WADE

                   (ii)     Airmen     W.O.    S.N.C.O's.   J.N.C.O's           Airmen.
                                          IN NIL          NIL              NIL                      NIL
                                               NIL          NIL              NIL                      NIL

         (f)     Squadron Strength

                 (i)     Officers

                                                     SQN.LDR. C.S. MACDONALD

                     "A" FLIGHT                                                   "B" FLIGHT
          FLT.LT. D.B. HIVES                                      FLT.LT. E. SHARP
          FLT.LT. R. RIMINGTON                               FLT.LT. B.J. ST. AUBYN
          FLT.LT. W.P. SHEPPARD                            FLT.LT. B. WALLIS
          FLT.LT. P.J. ADAIR                                      FLT.LT. P.H. CRAWSHAW
          FLT.LT. R.L. BARCILON                              FLT. LT. M.E.A. DALE
          FLT.LT. A.J. GUNN                                      FLT.LT. G.E. HAGAN

                 (ii)    Airmen
                                          W.O.    S.N.C.O's      J.N.C.O's           Airmen.
                                             1             9                       17                  34

                          SQUADRON COMMANDER'S REMARKS

         Vickers and Rolls Royce representatives from U.K. visited the Squadron and
         gave valuable assistance to pilots and ground crews on hydraulic and reheat
         matters.   The Squadron was also honoured by a visit by Air Marshal J. Cox
         retired.   As a whole the period was a typical post-Sylt month many anecdotes to
         be recalled and an equal number to be left unsaid!
         The Squadron beat No. 93 Squadron by 2.5% at operational air to ground firing.          Flight Lieutenant B. Wallis collected our final Swift,(XD 962 from the M.U.
         at Aldergrove, N.Ireland.

                                                                          signed C.S.Macdonald
                                                                                 (C.S. MACDONALD)
                                                                                Squadron Leader,
                                                                                Officer Commanding,
         9th September, 1960                                      No 2 Squadron