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F540 Operations Record Book April 1960 for No. 2 Squadron Jever 1April1960.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2724-2
Place. Date. Time.    Summary of Events.                   COMPILING OFFICER_FLT. LT. A.J. GUNN__ References

        (a)     Flying Training.
                  (i)   April proved to be a busy month and was off to a good start when
                  the alert was sounded shortly before dawn on the 2nd for Exercise
                  'QUICKTRAIN'.   The squadron flew 25 sorties before lunch on this

                  (ii)   The 'SASSOON' competition was held on the 7th of the month and
                  the squadron was represented by Flight Lieutenants St. Aubyn, Rimington,
                  Newing, Flying Officer Hagan, and Pilot Officer Holden Rushworth.
                  Flight Lieutenant Wallis was reserve.   The team landed after the
                  competition fairly confident and results proved later that it had been
                  a clear result.   Barley 200 points out of the possible total of 5,000
                  separated the first four teams, 2 Squadron being fourth.

                  (iii)  Exercise 'JOKER' was flown soon after 'SASSOON' and the same
                  pilots entered the contest.   Flight Lieutenant Rimington had the best
                  results and will be the squadron's representative next month
                  'Royal Flush'.

                  (iv)  On the 21st of the month the squadron took part in Exercise 'PINPOINT'.
                  Army targets consisted of an 'Honest John' missile site defended by an
                  assortment of L. 70 and 'Skysweeper' L.A.A. positions.

                  (v)   Exercise 'AMLED' was flown again this month and on the 29th April,
                  the squadron flew 14 sorties against targets in Denmark.

        (b)     Demonstrations.
                  (i)   On N.A.T.O. day, on the 8th April, the squadron sent a section
                  of 4 aircraft to Bruggen to take part in the N.A.T.O. fly-past.
                  Weather was very bad and when the section arrived, it was to find that
                  only the R.A.F. elements were there.   The pilots taking part were
                  Flight Lieutenants Sharp, Wallis, Adair and Barcilon.

                  (ii)  The R.A.F. Germany eliminating aerobatic contest was held at Bruggen
                  on the 23rd April and Flight Lieutenant Rimington and Sheppard represented
                  the squadron.   Against some stiff opposition they came third and fourth.

                  (iii) Flight Lieutenant Sheppard took a Swift to an air display at
                  Chievres on the 30th of the month.   His flying display proved to be the
                  only R.A.F. flying event.

2.     Administration
                  (a)  Ground Training.     Pre-A.O.C.'s inspections took place at the beginning of
                  the month and the inspecting officers left completely satisfied with the
                  squadron's ground training.   The squadron carried out some dry dinghy drill
                  and a small amount of parachute training.   Several sessions of 'recce' training
                  were also carried out using the epidiascope.   An interesting lecture on current
                  allied field equipment was given during the month by the G.L.O. 's.
                  The subject covered a wide range from A.F.V.'s to radar and missiles and was
                  much appreciated by the pilots.

                  (v)   Visits.   Five of the pilots attended a demonstration of fire-power
                  by the army on the 22nd April.   The demonstrations were the 5th Tank
                  Regiment, the 4th Royal Horse Artillery and the Gordon Highlanders.
                  All the pilots enjoyed the impressive display and it is hoped to arrange
                  further demonstrations of this nature.

                  (c)   Sport.   The final of the Inter-Section Soccer League was played
                  on the 9th April and although the squadron soccer team played well, they
                  were beaten 4 - 2 by Tech. Wing.

                  (d)   Entertainment.   The social whirl continues and consisted this month
                  of a formal Squadron Dinner Night and several informal parties in quarters.
                  At the Dinner Night, the squadron had the opportunity to say goodbye
                  to Squadron Leader Bergh and Flight Lieutenants Burton and Watson.   Other
                  guests were Major Williams, the G.L.O., and Flight lieutenant Bruce, who
                  commands M.F.P.S.

                  (e)   Attachments and Detachments.   Flight Lieutenant Crawshaw was
                  detached to Wildenwrath for 4 days this month on the Aviation Medicine
                  (f)   Postings.
                                                               S.N.C.O.'s.             Corporals.            Airmen.
                                In                                   2                             2                         1
                                Out                               1                              1                         2

                  (g)   Squadron Strength.
                                               W.O.            S.N.C.O.'s.       Corporals.            Airmen.
                                                 1                        9                         16                       36
                         Aircrew Strength.
                                                               Sqn. Ldr. C.A. Wade.
                       'A' FLIGHT                                           'B' FLIGHT
          Flt.Lt. D.B. Hives                                  Flt.Lt. E. Sharp
          Flt.Lt. R. Rimington                             Flt.Lt. B. Wallis
          Flt.Lt. W.P. Sheppard                          Flt.Lt. P.H. Crawshaw
          Plt.Off. P. Holden-Rushworth           Flt.Lt. A.G. Newing
          Flt.Lt. P.J. Adair                                   Flt.Lt. B.J. St. Aubyn
          Flt.Lt. R.L. Barcilon                             Fg. Off. G.E. Hagan
          Flt.Lt A.J. Gunn                                    Flt. Lt. M.E.A. Dale
         Squadron Commander'S Remarks.
                    This was an exceptionally busy month, both operationally and socially.
                                                                                    signed (D.B. Hives)
                                                                                             (D.B. Hives)
                                                                                             Squadron Leader,
                                                                                             Officer Commanding,
         11 May. 60.                                                                No 2 Squadron