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Jever Signals Set-up
As told by George Englefield-Bishop

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As George is the first to remind me, he and the other signals personnel actually came under Technical Wing.   However their operations were so integral that all we did in Flying Wing that I have included these stories under 122 Wing.   

The main Transmitter and Receiver Halls were garages, the Receiver Station was unmanned but it had the signals workshops attached.   We are now-a-days used to people worrying about the effects of radiation on their health.   The first time I came across this was when they installed the NDB, whilst the antenna was out side the Transmitter itself was actually installed in the workshop.   The radio leakage from this was so strong that the needle of an AVO meter just laying on the bench would kick over in time with the signal.

The Fixer was mobile like the station Homer, except older and used out of date equipment such as the Receiver R1132A which used a free running oscillator instead of the single channel crystal controlled R1392 used by the Homer, so it will have been long gone.   The Fixer was manned by a small secretive group, about 6, under no one's control being on detachment from Gutersloh, the head quarters of the Fixer Network, and they kept very much to themselves,

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