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F540 Operations Record Book September 1955 NO 118 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2643 Microfilm Row 1 Draws 52-71
Place Date Time Summary of Events                                COMPILING OFFICER Fg. Off. C.W. Powell REFS TO APPENDICES
Jever 2.9.55   Operational
          A number of aircraft on Primary Inspections reduced the available aircraft to 3 or 4.
The usual high level battle and cine exercises were carried out.   A few G.C.A.'s were
practiced again and a total of 14 hours only, was flown.
Jever 3.9.55   Operational
          Another rehearsal parade was held this morning, and no flying took place until
11.00 hours when one detail of two aircraft did a high level battle formation trip.    This
afternoon was a stand-down.
Jever 4.9.55             STAND-DOWN  
Jever 5.9.55   Operational
          Good weather this morning enabled a fairly early start to be made.   However, a
number of aircraft on Primary Inspection reduced availability to four.
         Some sorties consisted of G.C.A.'s while the remainder continued to practice high
and low level battle formation.
         The 26 sorties resulted in 21 hours flying.
Jever 6.9.55   Operational
          Poor visibility and a low cloud base kept the airfield state 'amber' all
day.   This meant that only two aircraft per Squadron could be airborne at one time.
Consequently only 12 sorties were flown for about eleven hours.
          Fg. Off. McLennon went on three weeks U.K. leave today.
Jever 7.9.55   Operational
          A section of four aircraft got airborne this morning but were recalled quite soon
because of a deterioration in the weather.   After a weather check at mid-day it was
decided that there should be no further flying.
         This afternoon was a sports afternoon.
Jever 8.9.55   Operational
          Another rehearsal for next weeks C-in-C's parade took part of the morning.   As
the cloud base was only 600 feet here and 400 feet at Oldenburg, no flying was done
during the morning.   Bad visibility reduced flying during the afternoon and only two
pairs got airborne.
Jever 9.9.55   Operational
          Eight-eighths blue sky this morning, but the visibility is down to 3,000 yards, so
the colour state is again 'amber'.   The visibility is expected to improve by 09.00 hours
to 3 miles or more, so more flying can be expected.
         A few high level battle formation sorties were flown, together with a fly-past
rehearsal for next Friday.   A total of 27 sorties.
Jever 10.9.55   Operational
          A parade rehearsal occupied most of the morning and bad weather prevented any
Jever 11.9.55             STAND-DOWN
          Fg. Off. Yeomans returned from three weeks U.K. leave.
Jever 12.9.55   Operational
          Rather marginal conditions this morning soon deteriorated, causing two of our
aircraft to be diverted to Oldenburg about 11.00 hours.   Flying did not recommence until
about 14.30 hours, but was stopped again almost immediately.   The pair at Oldenburg
eventually got back about 17.00 hours.
Jever 13.9.55   Operational
          After a short sortie involving four aircraft, a practice was carried out for
Fridays flypast and aerobatics show.   Flt.Lt. E.J. Goodwin did solo aerobatics and No.
93 Squadron
did formation aerobatics.
         More training sorties were flown and then another rehearsal was carried out.
         A total of 41 sorties, most of which were quite a lot less than one hour, so only
about 25 hours resulted from the days flying.
Jever 14.9.55   Operational
          The airfield colour state remained 'amber' this morning, and only one pair per
Squadron were allowed.   Because of this, only eight sorties were flown during the
         This afternoon was a sports afternoon, and the Flying Wing Pilots played the
Sergeants' Mess at soccer and won.
Jever 15.9.55   Operational
          As today is the fifteenth anniversary of the Battle of Britain, a commemoration
parade was held this morning, followed by a rehearsal for tomorrow's big parade.   By
the time these and Met. briefing were over it was 10.30 hours.
        Airfield conditions were not very good all day, due to a depression centred just
to the east of base.   The rest of the day was spent in preparation for the C-in-C's
visit tomorrow.
Jever 16.9.55   Operational
          This morning was almost fully occupied with the C-in-C's parade.
         The only flying done was on the flypast and the aerobatic display, after the
C-in-C had inspected the Squadron.
Jever 17.9.55        STAND-DOWN  
Jever 18.9.55        STAND-DOWN  
Jever 19.9.55        STAND-DOWN  
JEVER 20.9.55.   Operational
     An anti-cyclone over Europe this morning gave us blue skies and very little
wind.   However, things were a little dis-organised after the stand down and no-one got
airborne until about 09.00 hours.
     As the Wing Commander Flying has gone on leave, our C.O. has taken over the Wing,
leaving Flt.Lt. A.T. Powell in charge of the Squadron.
     Four aircraft were on primary inspections, so not many aircraft were available, and
only 20 sorties were carried out during the day.
     A few pilot's did some night flying in Vampire T.XI's prior to doing some dusk
flying in Hunters on Thursday.
Jever 21.9.55.   Operational
     Bad visibility limited flying at first this morning, but an improvement later allow-
ed the colour state to change to 'green'.
     A total of 18 sorties were carried out.
     This afternoon was a sports afternoon.
Jever 22.9.55.   Operational
     Once again the visibility was'nt very good in the lower levels.   However, limited
flying commenced at 08.45 hours and continued until 16.45 hours.
     The C.O. and 'A' Flight Commander then did a dusk and night flying trip each in
Hunters.   This is the first night flying to be done in Hunters, at least in 2nd T.A.F.
     Fg. Off. Saunders returned to the Squadron after his touring holiday.
Jever 23.9.55.   Operational
     With the conditions very much the same as yesterday, flying was again limited.   Most
of the sorties were on cine exercises, in which the film is now being taken during a
tail-chase instead of ordinary quarter attacks.
Jever 24.9.55.   Operational
     Only 16 sorties were carried out today on high level battle in fours, and combat
flying, together with a little close formation.
     This afternoon was a stand-down.
     Fg. Off. Irish went on 3 weeks U.K. leave to get married.
Jever 25.9.55.        STAND-DOWN  
Jever 26.9.55.   Operational
          Poor conditions prevented flying for some time this morning.   However, a start was
made eventually about 11.00 hours and the usual high level battle and cine exercises
were carried out.
     A few pilots who flew the Vampire T XI at night last week, flew Hunters at dusk and
at night tonight.
     A total of 28 sorties, including eleven night, produced 23 hours.
Jever 27.9.55.   Operational
     A reasonable day's flying on the usual exercises produced 20 hours today.   One
pilot took an aircraft belonging to No. 98 Squadron to U.K. today.
Jever 28.9.55.   Operational
     Another day of good weather and about 13 hours flying done this morning.   This
afternoon was a sports afternoon.
Fg. Off. Butcher returned to U.K. today after completing his 2 and half years
tour in Germany.
Jever 29.9.55.   Operational
     A good days flying was done today with 30 sorties being carried out on high and
low level battle formation and cine practices.
     This brings the total Hunter time for the month up to 320 hours.
     The first of our aircraft was flown to U.K. today for modifications.
     Some night flying was done in Vampire T XI's in preparation for more Hunter night
     Fg. Off. Dodds has gone to the U.K. for 10 days leave.
Jever 30.9.55.   Operational
     The last day of the month and 28 hours are needed for the target - these were achieved
by mid-afternoon, and the final total was 352 hours on operational type.
     The usual practice interceptions were carried out on most of the sorties.
                                                           Flying Hours
                       Aircraft                                   Hours             Minutes            Sorties 
                      Hunter F. 4                               352                   10                       428
                      Vampire T XI                               14                   05                         19   
                                         TOTAL                     366                   15                       447   

                                                       Squadron Strength
                  Officers                       S.N.C.O.s               Corporals                 Airmen
                     16                                   9                                17                          48

                                                                                       signed AT Powell
                                                                                      (A.T. POWELL)
                                                                                     Flight Lieutenant
                                                                                     Officer Commanding                                                                                      No. 118 Squadron                                                                                      Royal Air Force
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