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F540 Operations Record Book July 1955 NO 118 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2643 Microfilm Row 1 Draws 52-71
Place Date Time Summary of Events                                              COMPILING OFFICER   REFS TO APPENDICES
  1-7.7.55   TO BE ADDED LATER  
JEVER 8.7.55   Operational
     The cloud base this morning was 300 feet and visibility 2,500 yards.   No flying
was done at all, but a few compass swings were carried out.
     We now have one less Hunter due to a taxying accident yesterday, not involving a
squadron pilot.      This afternoon the weather improved, although the cloud base never got up to 1,000
feet.   A number of sorties were carried out, including eight aircraft on battle formation
and P.I.'s.   This was the last detail and because of low cloud, about 100 feet base, all
eight were diverted to Oldenburg, where the aircraft stayed for the night.
JEVER 9.7.55.   Operational
     Very little flying was done this morning even though the weather was excellent.
The eight aircraft which were diverted yesterday were flown back.
JEVER 10.7.55.   Operational
     This morning the two Hunter Squadrons, ourselves and No. 98, did some practice
for next weeks fly-past at Oldenburg.   Later in the day, a four did a show at Bremen
for the German Air Show.   This consisted of a formation, sonic boom and a high speed
JEVER 11.7.55.   Operational
     The final rehearsal for the Oldenburg fly-past was timed for 16.00 hours today;
consequently flying was restricted to ensure that 6 a/c 1 plus spare were serviceable
at the right time.   A section from No. 14 Squadron joined in the rehearsal.
JEVER 12.7.55.   Operational
     The fly-past over Oldenburg went off very well in spite of the limited visibility.
Again the flying effort was restricted to ensure the requisite number of aircraft.   Even
so we flew 18 hours.
JEVER 13.7.55.   Operational
     Many? sorties this morning in fine clear weather.   Only 3 aircraft serviceable
  14-21.7.55.   TO BE ADDED LATER  
JEVER 22.7.55.   Operational
     Two aircraft only.   The fuel gauge snags are proving most difficult to deal with,
and practically no progress has been made in two days.
JEVER 23.7.55.   Operational
     Colour hoisting parade this morning followed by five sorties with our two serviceable aircraft.
JEVER 24.7.55.        STAND-DOWN  
JEVER 25.7.55.   Operational
     Only three aircraft were serviceable all day, so some co-ordinated cine quarters
were carried out, giving a total of 15 sorties.
JEVER 26.7.55.   Operational
     A total of 21 sorties was made today.   Almost all of these were on cine exercises,
some co-ordinated quarters and some P.I.s   At the end of the day, seven aircraft were
JEVER 27.7.55.   Operational
     A good morning's flying produced 18 sorties and 15 hours.   Most of these were on
battle formation and cine exercises.   This afternoon was a sports afternoon.
JEVER 28.7.55.   Operational
     Again a good day's flying, with a total of 31 hours in 34 sorties.   The total for the
month is now 280 hours.   Once more, the emphasis was on P.I.s and cine exercises.
JEVER 29.7.55.   Operational
     Today was the last flying day of the month due to the August Grant.   The total hours
on Hunters for the month reached 300.
JEVER 30.7.55.        STAND DOWN