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F540 Operations Record Book December 1955 NO 118 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2643 Microfilm Row 1 Draws 52-71
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Jever 1-6.12.55   TO BE ADDED LATER  
Jever 7.12.55.   Operational
     No flying was done due to low cloud base and rather strong winds.   The
morning was spent watching films and a couple of lectures.
Jever 8.12.55.   Operational
     The airfield colour state was "green" this morning with good visibility and a risk
of showers.
     A good deal of flying was done, mainly in individual trips comprising aerobatics,
practice forced landings and so on.
     The Squadron had another fatal accident today when Fg. Off. Yeomans crashed after
overshooting from a G.C.A. at Ahlhorn.
     Tonight twelve sorties were flown at dusk and night sector recces.
Jever 9.12.55.   Operational
     Fairly low stratus limited flying this morning to one pair per Squadron.   After
the first detail the airfield went "red" until 11.45 hours, when again one pair per
Squadron/green cards only were allowed to fly.
     Again the weather clamped and the aircraft were re-called.   There was no further flying.
Jever 10.12.55.   Operational
     After this mornings Squadron drill parade, the weather did not clear sufficiently
for flying until almost 11.00 hours.   The sorties were then flown, of one pair each
doing cine quarters.
Jever 11.12.55.        STAND-DOWN  
Jever 12.12.55.   Operational
     Bad weather prevented flying this morning.   This afternoon a rehearsal was held
for tomorrow's parade.
Jever 13.12.55.   Operational
     The funeral of Fg. Off. Yeomans took place today at Hamburg, the whole
proceedings taking up all day.
Jever 14-21.12.55.   TO BE ADDED LATER  
Jever 21.12.55.   ...prevented any flying.  
Jever 22.12.55.   Operational
     At last a clear day, with little ice on the runway.   Flying continued all day,
but on a limited scale as only two or three aircraft were serviceable.
Cine quarters were carried out and some individual trips by the newer pilots.
     Fg. Off.'s Irish and Faulkes set off today by car for the U.K. on leave.
Jever 23.12.55.   Operational
     Todays forecast was probable rain showers, which would freeze on the ground as the
ground temperature is only 28 degrees F.   However, conditions improved sufficiently to
get a couple of sorties airborne during the later part of the morning.
     The visibility decreased rapidly at lunchtime and no further flying was done.
Jever 24.12.55.        STAND-DOWN.  
Jever 25.12.55.   Operational

Today the Squadron was again on battle flight.   As only five available pilots are
operational they had to be on duty all day from 11.00 to 17.00 hours local time.   One
pair was on 10 minutes and the other on 30 minutes readiness.      No flying was done all day, probably because the conditions were marginal or maybe
as it was Christmas Day.
Jever 26.12.55.        STAND-DOWN.  
Jever 27.12.55.        STAND-DOWN.  
Jever 28.12.55.        STAND-DOWN.  
Jever 29.12.55.   Operational
     Good flying conditions today, except for a crosswind of 20-30 knots at 10 to 30
degrees off the runway.
     Because of this, Hunter flying was limited to the more experienced pilots.
     A total of eleven hours were flown on cine exercises, together with a couple of....
Jever 30.12.55 to last page.   TO BE ADDED LATER