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Phase Brief for Battle Formation Sortie Page 2 - HUNTER F.6

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The above briefing notes were written by Paddy Hine when a Flight Commander on 93 Sqn and
Brian Butterworth kept Paddy's handwritten notes.   This particular brief was obviously given on the DFCS course as the base is West Raynham.   Paddy is leading and the other members of the formation are all well known fighter pilots of the time who were either course students or DFCS staff.

    5.  Fuel                                                                         Comments
             A.   Check on start up     -   3724                              This is the minimum fuel for this mission
             B.   T.O.Climb                -   2850                                Minimum fuel with 2x100 gall drop tanks at top of climb 40,000 ft.
             C.   BINGO 1                 -   1800                                 Calls Bingos 1 & 2 are set by the leader depending on the mission.
             D.   BINGO 2                 -   1600
             E.   JOKER                   -   X  X (steady)                    The X X stands for the two Bingo lights on steady-i.e. 1300lbs left.
             F.   ON LANDING          -   640 approx.
     6.  Procedure in Ops. Room.
         (a)  Sign authorisation - checking a/c allocation      Every trip has to be authorised by a senior sqn member and
                                                                                                   initialed by the pilot to acknowledge he understands what he is
                                                                                                   allowed to do.
         (b)  Final check on weather situation
         (c)  Change of airfield serviceability.
      7.  Procedure in dispersal before start up. 
          (a)  Form 700 - fuel, B.F. + ch. of serviceability.                                  The Form700 contains the serviceability records for
                                                                                                                              your a/c-particularly the fuel state. Check the
                                                                                                                              Before Flight inspection has been signed as satisfactory
                                                                                                                              Check record of serviceability for patterns of recurring faults.
          (b)  Thorough B.F. (Pre) - Pitot cover removed, fuel filler cap, by-  B.F.=Before Flight external inspection with particular attention
          Pass hydroboosters.                                                                              to removing the pitot cover, the fuel filler caps had been
                                                                                                                              replaced correctly and the hydroboosters charged.
                                                                                                                             (Click to see Pilots' Notes entry).
          (c)  Pre-start up checks - seat checks - pin out.              There are 10 or 11 checks to be made to the ejection seat the final
                                                                                                            and most important one is to have the safety pins removed.
               (i)   Acc. pressures                                                            Accumulator pressures must be checked
               (ii)  Inverters, relight, b. Pump warning lights out.      Check electrical inverters, listen for igniters clicking when the relight
                                                                                                            button is pressed, check booster pump lights are out.
               (iii) Fire warning light.
          (a)   Start up on wave - select 'G' immediately                 The leader signals start by circling finger above his head, G is
                                                                                                            DFCS Ops channel ready to check in.
               (i)   Engine checks.
               (ii)  Select power controls.
               (iii) Flaps 40°.                                                                   Ready for Take-off.
               (iv)  Bingo covers.                                                            Important to check that night flying covers are not down
                                                                                                           on the Bingo lights in case you miss them during daylight flying.
               (v)   D.M.E. to standby.
               (vi)  Gunsight.
               (vii) Jot down QNH when passed.                               Altimeter sub-scale setting to obtain elevation when on the ground.

End of Page 2.

(Thanks to Chris Stone for being the Technical Advisor for this series.)
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