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Video showing G010 clip from Ron Gray's film.   This clip was taken from the rear ramp of a USAF C-117.   The clip shows the Bristol Britannia, "The Whispering Giant".   Prototype first flew August 1952.   Problems with engine icing.   Into service with BOAC February 1967.


The Britannia was Bristol's winning response to a postwar (1947) BOAC requirement for a medium-range civil passenger transport which was capable of use across the Empire.   However, the Britannia suffered development problems, notably recurring flameout of the Centaurus engine.   The great potential of this design for major orders was thus overtaken by pure jet designs - the stretched series 300 was not available until 1956.   Consequently only 85 examples of the Britannia were built, including 23 dash 200 series, built for the RAF.   Examples of the type remained in freight service for many years, with the last retiring in the late 1990s.   Specifications apply to the Bristol Britannia Series 310.
Crew: 3;Powerplant: four Bristol Proteus 755 turboprop engines each rated at 3,072ekW (4,120ehp); Performance: max speed 639km/h (397mph); Range 6,869km (4,268 miles) with maximum payload; service ceiling 7,315m (24,000ft); Dimensions: wingspan 43.00m (142ft 3in); length 37.00m (118ft 4in); height 11.43m (37ft 6in); weight: 83,915kg (185,0001b) maximum take-off weight; Payload: up to 133 passengers.   (Thanks to "The Encyclopedia of Aircraft" by Robert Jackson).

There is no sound with this clip.   This clip runs for 20 secs.

(Thanks to Ron Gray for original film.)
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