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Video showing G003 clip from Ron Gray's film.   The Short Sperrin proto-type intended as a fill in V-bomber.   Only two built.   First flew 1951.

Short Sperrin

Designed to Specification B.14/46 the Short Sperrin was intended as an insurance against failure of the Vickers Valiant, the first of the RAF's V-Bombers.   Two prototypes were built, the first flying on 19Aug51 and used to test new high-altitude radar navigation and bombing equipment that was to be incorporated in the V-Bombers.   The second aircraft which flew in August 1952, was used to test aerodynamic bomb shapes in connection with the development of Britain's first atomic bomb, the MC.Mk. 1 "Blue Danube".
Crew: 5; Powerplant: four 2,944 Kg(6,500lb) thrust Rolls Royce Avon RA.3 turbojet engines.   Performance: Max speed 913 km/h (564 mph); range 6,050 km (3,760 miles); service ceiling: 13,725m (45,000 ft).   Dimensions: wing span 33.20 m (109 ft); length 31.42 m (102ft 2.5in); height 8.69 m (28ft 6.25in).   Weight: 52,200 Kg (115,000 lb)   Armament: one 4,530 kg (10,000 lb) MC.Mk 1 special store (Blue Danube).   (Thanks to "The Encyclopedia of Aircraft" by Robert Jackson).

There is no sound with this clip.   This clip runs for 8 secs.

(Thanks to Ron Gray for original film.)
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