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Video 014 showing Various Shots in Static Display Open Day 6Jun59.

1. Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star GAF; 2. Unknown officer standing outside information and first aid tent; 3. 3 Unknown Army Officers by Skeeter Helicopter; 4. Distant shot of Static Display; 5. Refuelling a Meteor; 6. Blackburn Beverley; 7. Canberra; 8. Lockheed T-33 and Sabre; 9. Head-on of T-33;
10. Head-on of Sabre 6; 11. head-on Hunter T.7; 12. Head-on Hunter F.6; 13. Tail shot of F-100;
14. Head-on F-100; 15. Head-on Avro Canada CF-100; 16. Tank; 17. Tail shot of Hunter F.6;
18. Tail shot of F-100.

There is no sound with this clip.   This clip runs for 2 mins 42 secs.

(Thanks to Wilf Zucht for original film.)
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