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markedly. The number of Officers also increased, both living-in and married. This was in line with the new manning requirements brought about by creation of 210 SU. Shortly after this, even more Officers arrived when the old tech site was taken over by 757 Signals Unit, a GEE station.2 The Mess then became busier and life was not as settled or as friendly as it had previously been.

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The 'Gymnasium' (college) on the town walls of Warburg, our nearest shopping town.

Battle of Britain Fighter Ace Douglas Bader was interned in a prisoner of war camp not far away in open country. It was a little distance to the left side of the road back to Borgentreich, close to Dössel. In the late 1950s the camp was occupied by displaced persons and was still clearly recognisable as an old POW camp. I passed it many times.
2 757 SU was a forward transmitting station for the GEE navigation chain. GEE = an aid to precision navigation and bombing.
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