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usually filled with beer, spirits, and liqueurs, in random quantities. The recipient was expected to down this lethal mixture in the minimum of time, if possible without taking a breath. The effects could be disastrous and involve a hasty departure from the scene, not to be seen again until very late next morning, and then only under duress.

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Order of Parade for the Duncan Trophy presentation.

1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesThat same week I had two sorties of close formation aerobatics. These were strenuous and the trick was to stick close to your leader regardless of attitude because, to put it simply, if he was flying, so were you! Your relationship with, or attitude to, the ground was totally immaterial. Flying upside down in formation at the top of a loop or barrel roll demanded exactly the same concentration and expertise as when flying straight and level. To even glimpse at the ground could be very distracting.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesFollowing these sorties, several of us went by bus to Oldenburg for dinghy drill practice in the municipal baths. We practised righting inverted dinghies and climbing
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