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                                                   EMERGENCY DRILLS
  Max. speed             250K or 0.80M     |       Height            Below 35,000 ft.
  Tailplane trim         Zero stick force  |       Max. speed        0.8M
  Aileron trim           Neutral           |       Non-essential
  Trim guard             Release           |        electrics        OFF
  Selectors           Power OFF, ele-      |       Battery master    ON
                        vator  followed    |       Engine master     ON
                        by aileron         |       Ignition          ON
___________________________________________|       Booster-pumps     ON
                                           |    Set relight switch ON for two seconds,
ELECTRICS FAILURE                  |    then set throttle to H.P. cock OPEN,
1. If both generators fail, batteries      |   when r.p.m. rise to idling increase
   last 9 mins. max. without radar.        |   power carefully.
   After that no electrical selection.     |_______________________________________________
2. Action:-                                |  FAILURE TO RELIGHT
  Switch off all non-essential electrics.  |     Turn off H.P. and L.P. socks.
  Set tailplane to zero.                   |     Switch off all electrics (inc.
  Reduce height if necessary.              |       booster-pumps).
  If hydraulics O.K., leave flying         |     Set tailplane to zero.
  controls in power.                       |     Carry out forced landing, or
  If hydraulics suspect, select            |       abandon.
  Manual before batteries ex-              |_______________________________________________
  hausted.                                 |  FORCED LANDING
  Lower u/c and flaps on emer-             |     Best gliding
    gencies.                               |                speed    210 knots
___________________________________________|     Airbrake            IN
HYDRAULICS FAILURE                |     H.P. and L.P.
1. Complete failure                        |       cocks             OFF
   Flying controls  Select Manual:         |     Booster-pumps       OFF
                    (1) If auto-rever-     |     Tailplane           Zero
                    sion occurs            |     All non-essen-
                    or (2) Before          |       tial electrics    OFF
                    joining circuit        |     Power controls:     Select Manual:
   U/c and Flaps    Lower on               |                         (1) Before elec-
                        emergencies        |                           trics fail
   Wheel brakes     Limited use only       |                         or (2) If auto-
2.Partial failure                          |                         reversion occurs
  As above, but select Manual if           |                         or (3) Before
   electrical failure is likely.  If       |                         joining circuit
   electrics have failed before            |     Plan a Manual approach.  Overhead
   partial hydraulic failure, prepare      |     at 7,000 ft., downwind at 4,000 ft.
   to abandon.                             |     Airspeed 175 knots.  When certain of
___________________________________________|     reaching touch-down point select full
ENGINE FAILURE                      |     flap.
1.Seizure                                  |       Cross threshold at 150 knots.
  Close throttle.  Turn off L.P. and       |_______________________________________________
   H.P. cocks, switch off booster-         |ACTION IN THE EVENT OF
   pumps.                                  |   FIRE
   Switch off non-essential electrics.     |     1. Close throttle immediately.
   Set tailplane to zero.                  |     2. If light stays on
   Carry out forced landing, or            |        L.P. and H.P. cocks     OFF
     abandon.                              |        Booster-pumps           OFF
2.Flame out                                |        Airspeed                Minimum
  Close throttle, turn off H.P. cock       |     3. Press extinguisher button.
  Leave L.P. cock on.                      |     4. If fire goes out, light goes out.
  Booster-pumps off.                       |     5. Do not relight.
  Non-essential electrics off.             |     6. Carry out forced landing.
                                           |        IF FIRE PERSISTS-ABANDON
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