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                PART V - OPERATING DATA

        107. Flight planning data

        (a)  The tables on the following pages show the flight
             planning data for:-

              (i)  Climbing
                   The climb table gives the data for climbs in I.S.A.
                   conditions using the speed recommended in para. 69
                   (repeated in the table).
              (ii) Cruising
                    Each separate altitude block in the cruise table
                    (1)  The speed for maximum range, the approximate
                         A.N.M./100 lb. and the approximate fuel
                         consumption for the particular height.  In
                         addition a speed band is given, use of any speed
                         within which should not cause more than a 5%
                         reduction in range.
                    (2)  The range obtainable for various amounts of
                         available fuel when flying at the best range
                         speed for the height.  The range given is to the 
                         point of let-down, allowance being made for the
                         descent fuel required.
                    (3)  The range obtainable for various amounts of
                         available fuel including the distance covered on
                         the climb, if a climb is made to another altitude.
                         In this case the climb must be made at the speed
                         given in para. 69 and the flight continued at the
                         new altitude at the best range speed for that
                         NOTE.-The range at any altitude is independent
                               of temperature, but dependent on the
                               weight of fuel carried.
              (iii) Descent
                    The descent table gives data for descending from
                    one height to another.


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