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                    PART IV - EMERGENCY HANDLING

        (ii) If the above indications are satisfactory depress the
             regulator EMERGENCY switch when in the central
             position.  A supply of oxygen under increased
             pressure indicates that the regulator is serviceable
             but that the blinker mechanism is defective.  If the
             regulator is unserviceable, as indicated by no flow,
             use the emergency bottle and descend immediately
             to a safe altitude and check all oxygen tube
    (c)  Use of emergency bottle

         (i)  If it is necessary to use the emergency oxygen bottle
              through failure of the regulator or because of
              exhaustion of the main supply, pull up the emerg-
              ency control on the right of the seat, and disconnect
              the mask tube from the main supply point.

         (ii) The main supply tube is automatically released and
              the emergency bottle brought into use on ejection.
         (iii)The duration of supply from the emergency bottle
              is 10 minutes only.
A.L.1         101.  Hood jettisoning
Para. 101
Page 97
(a) The hood is jettisoned by pulling the handle on the port shelf. A strong pull force is required. To ensure a clean jettison, the hood must be closed and the speed should be in excess of 140 knots. The aircraft may be flown at speeds up to 450 knots with the hood jettisoned, but above this speed suction on the pilot's helmet may be disconcerting. (b) The hood is also jettisoned when either the ejection seat AL2 blind or the seat pan alternative handle is pulled, but in the latter case the GGS is not automatically lowered. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 102. Abandoning the aircraft in flight. (a) Reduce speed as much as possible, set parachute con- tainer fully back, and lower the seat fully. (b) Retract the GGS. If electrical power is available, the GGS should automatically lower on jettisoning the hood. The hood is jettisoned immediately the ejection seat blind


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