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Page 88
             back if necessary, that the maximum allowable temperature is
             not exceeded.  The likelihood of obtaining a successful relight is
             increased if the height and airspeed are below the permitted
             maxima for relighting.

       (ii)  If no relight occurs within 30 seconds proceed as follows:-
      H.P. cock                                    OFF
      L.P. cock                                    Leave on
      All non-essential electrics (in-
        cluding tailplane)                     Off
      If below 35,000 ft.                     Relight at once
      If above 35,000 ft.                     Switch off both booster pumps
                                                        descend to 35,000 ft. and carry
                                                        out relighting drill.
      NOTE.-If above 35,000 ft. the decision to descend quickly or glide
                at 210 knots will depend on the prevailing circumstances
                e.g., weather conditions, distance to travel, etc.  The following
                should be borne in mind.

                1. Relights are more easily obtained at lower altitudes.
                2. At best gliding speed the aircraft covers approximately
                    2 miles per 1,000 ft.
                3. With normal services running the batteries cannot be
                    relied on for very long. (See para. 90(b).)  All non-essential
                    electrics must therefore be switched off to conserve
                    battery power.
                4. Unless Mod. 502 is embodied Manual should be selected
                    before attempting to relight in case relighting is unsuccess-
                    ful and the batteries become exhausted.
                5. Descending at a speed above 210 knots will increase
                    windmilling r.p.m.  Consequently hydraulic pressure will
                    be higher and the generators may continue to supply
                    power.  (See para. 90 (d), NOTE 2.)
                6. If a glide is to be made at 210 knots the tailplane should
                    be set to ½° nose-up.
   93.  Relighting
   (a)  Check and/or set:-
        Maximum altitude                   35,000 ft.
        Maximum airspeed                 0.80M
        All non-essential electrics      Off (see para.90)
        Throttle                                  H.P. cock OFF
        Battery master switch            ON
        Ignition switch                       ON 
        Starter master switch            ON
        Booster-pumps                      ON

   (b) Set the relight switch on for 2 seconds, then set the throttle lever to
        the H.P. cock open position.  When the r.p.m. rise to idling, increase
        power carefully.


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