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                                                            Pilot's Notes

                                  PART IV

        89.  Action in the event of fire
        (a)  If the engine fire warning light comes on, the throttle
             should be closed immediately.  If the light then goes out
             within 5 seconds, a hot gas leak as distinct from a fire
             is indicated.  It is safe to use the engine in this condition,
             but a landing should be made as soon as practible.
             Reduced power should be used, but unless the power
             required is small the light will probably come on again.
             It is advisable, therefore, to throttle back every 5 minutes
             to check the light goes out in order to ensure that a fire
             has not started.
        (b)  Should the light remain on after throttling back, a fire is
             indicated.  Should a fire occur, set:-
                  H.P. cock                OFF
                  L.P. cock                OFF
                  Booster-pumps            OFF
             and qickly reduce airspeed to a practicable minimum.
             Then press the extinguisher pushbutton.  Should the light
             remain on and the fire persist, the aircraft should be

        (c)  If a satisfactory extinction has occurred the warning light
             should go out as the circuit is broken by the cooling of
             the flame switches.  The engine must not be restarted,
             due to the risk of fire with the fire fighting resources


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