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                      PART III - HANDLING
  R.P.M. Flaps Airspeed
Downwind 6,500 30° 170/180
Base leg 6,500 30° 170/180
Glide path 6,500 Full 150/160

       81.   Going round again
             Open the throttle smoothly to the power required, raise
             the undercarriage, and at a safe height raise the flaps and
             retrim as necessary.
A.L.1    82.  Checks after landing
Paras.                 Brake pressure                                        Sufficient
82, 83                Flaps                                                        Up
Page 79              Cockpit pressure                                      Off
                        Camera master switch                             Off
                        Both booster-pumps                                OFF
                        Tailplane                                                  Set to neutral
                        D.M.E.                                                      OFF
                        V.H.F.                                                       One set OFF

      83. Stopping the engine
                       Close the throttle.
                       When the r.p.m. have stabilised at 2,500 (min) lift the override catch
                       and set the throttle to H.P. cock OFF position.  Then check:-
           Flying control switches          Both OFF
           All electrics                    Off
           Battery master switch            Switch off
           Hood clutch selector             FREE
           L.P. cock                        OFF when engine stops 
           Ejection seat                    Replace both safety pins
                                              before leaving the cockpit


      84.  Selecting manual
      (a)  It is structurally safe to fly in Manual within the speed
           limitations of para.56, and in emergency Manual could


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