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                      PART III - HANDLING
        (d)   Care should be taken during recovery action to ensure
              that the ailerons are central as out-spin aileron may
              hinder or prevent recovery.  In-spin aileron is powerful
              in assisting recovery but great care must be taken to
              prevent development of a spiral in the same direction
              or spin in the opposite direction.


        78.   Circuit procedure
              NOTE-460 lb. (60 gallons) of fuel should be allowed
              for a circuit, landing and possible overshoot (see
              para. 57 (g) (iii)).
A.L.1         (a)   Circuit speed
Para. 78 (a)
Page 76             With the undercarriage lowered fully, 6,500 r.p.m. and 38° flap (four
                       notches) give a comfortable speed of about 180 knots.  To reduce
                       speed for joining the circuit, flap, within the limitations, can be used
                       successfully to augment the airbrake.  Do not select more than one
                       hydraulic service at a time and allow the cycle of each hydraulic
                       operation to be completed before the next service is operated.  The
                       undercarriage should only be selected down with the wings laterally
        (b)   Checks before landing
              Airbrake                IN, indicator black
              Undercarriage           Down below 250 knots
                                      Three green lights
              Brakes                  Pressure, operation, off
                                      Main supply 3,000±150
                                      lb./sq. in.
                                      At each wheel 1,500 lb./sq.
              Flaps                   As required
                                      Fully down on finals
              Fuel                    Contents
                                      Booster-pumps ON
              Harness                 Tight and locked
A.L.1          NOTE.(1)-The brake lever should be held on for -3 secs.
                     If the system is serviceable both brake needles


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