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                      PART III - HANDLING
              necessary to ease the control column forward and retrim
              nose-down to prevent a sudden increase in G caused by
              the nose-up trim change as speed falls through 0.95M
              and because of the increasing effectiveness of the tailplane
              and elevator.
        76.   Aerobatics
        (a)   Until experience is gained, the following speeds, in knots,
              are recommended:-
              Roll                             350
              Loop                             425
              Roll off the top                 450
              Vertical roll                    500
        (b)   It is recommended that until experience is gained loops
              are started in the height band 10,000 ft. to 15,000 ft.
        77.   Spinning
        (a)   Intentional spinning is prohibited.  The following inform-
              tion is provided to acquaint pilots with the spin charac-
              teristics and recovery action in case the aircraft is spun
        (b)   When pro-spin controls are applied at the stall the air-
              craft rolls on to its back and enters the spin with the nose
              about 40° below the horizon.  The attitude then becomes
              normal and the first turn is steady with a slow rate of
              rotation.  During succeeding turns hesitation and marked
              variations in the rate of rotation occur, with associated
              pitching and rolling.  When spinning in either direction
              the ailerons should be held neutral as out-spin aileron will
              cause the spin to become erratic.
        (c)   Normal recovery action is effective particularly if it co-
              incides with the aircraft hesitations.  Full forward stick
              movement may be necessary  When rotation ceases, the
              controls should be centralized immediately otherwise the
              aircraft may enter a spin in the opposite direction.  If a
              spin occurs with undercarriage and flaps down they should
              be retracted immediately.


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