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                      PART III - HANDLING
              WARNING.-Care must be taken to ensure that the stick
                       force is never completely trimmed out when
                       G is being applied at high mach numbers
                       because, as speed falls through 0.91M when
                       the trim changes to nose-up and the elevator
                       and tailplane become more effective, a
                       sudden increase in G may result. This is
                       particularly important below 10,000 feet
                       when manoeuvring near limiting G and/or
                       "blackout threshold"

        74.   Flying at high I.A.S.
        (a)   When flying at high I.A.S. all control movements must be
              smooth and progressive to avoid overcontrolling, par-
              ticularly when flying at aft C of G and/or in turbulent
              air.  The tailplane trimmer should be used carefully.
        (b)   The maximum rate of roll increases with I.A.S. up to
              420 knots; at higher speeds however, the rate of roll
              progressively decreases due to jack stalling.  Normally
              maximum rate of roll is not required.

        75.   Flying at high mach number
        (a)   General
              The max. speed in level flight at full throttle is 0.94M.
              The aircraft will reach sonic speed in a 30° to 40° dive
              at full throttle  Transonic dives must not be started below
              25,000 ft.
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