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                      PART III - HANDLING

    (a)  Best rate of climb
           (i)  Climb at full throttle at 0.85M.  Speed should be
                allowed to increase to the recommended figure
                during the initial climb to 5,000 feet. 
           (ii) Below 20,000 feet the rate of climb is not greatly
                affected by variation in speed, provided that it is
                maintained between 400 knots and 0.9M.
           (iii)Above 20,000 feet it is important to keep to the
                recommended speed; above 30,000 feet the rate of
                climb will fall off quickly if speed is reduced below
     (b)  Normal climb
          If maximum rate of climb is not essential set 7,800 r.p.m.
          using the same speed as above.

     70.  General flying
     (a)  Flying controls
              (i)   Ailerons (in power).  The ailerons are light through-
                    out the speed and mach no. range giving a high rate
                    of roll, but see para. 74.
              (ii)  Elevator (in power).  The force required for any
                    manoeuvre depends on the distance the control
                    column is displaced from the "zero load" position
                    and is completely independent of airspeed.  It
                    follows therefore that when large elevator deflections
                    are required e.g. at low airspeeds and very high
                    mach numbers the stick forces are relatively heavy;
                    at high airspeeds however since only small deflec-
                    tions are usually required the stick forces are light.
                    The control is light, effective and should be used
                    cautiously until its characteristics are known and its
                    effectiveness appreciated.  However, elevator effec-
                    tiveness is somewhat limited by jack stalling which


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