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                      PART III - HANDLING
A.L.1                                                                                    On 100% reaching mask
        Oxygen                                      As required reaching mask,
                                                        blinker operating.
                                                        blinker annunciating.
                                                                                             (emergency switch centred).
        Harness                                     Tight and locked.
        Hood                                         SHUT (not OFF).
                                                        Clutch LOCKED.
                                                        Cockpit pressure ON.
        Hydraulics                                   Pressure 3,000 lb./sq. in.
                                                        Flying controls in power.
                                                        At 4,500 r.p.m. apply full
                                                          aileron and elevator and
                                                          ensure that the magnetic
                                                          indicators remain black.
                                                        Warning light out.
         NOTE.-In bad weather to avoid the possibility of instru-
                  ment failure on take-off, the radar test switch
                  should be set to TEST then back to NORMAL.
                  This action overrides the undercarriage micro
                  switch and brings in No. 1 inverter  After a few
                  seconds the artificial horizon and Mk. 4F com-
                  pass should be checked for correct functioning.
    68.  Take-off
         WARNING.-A check that the power control indicators are
                        black must always be made immediately
                        before take-off at not less than 4,500 r.p.m.
                        At any stage of a flight, if either automatic
                        Manual reversion or any form of stick jam-
                        ming occurs with POWER selected ON, imme-
                        diately switch Power OFF.  Do not attempt
                        to re-engage Power  Return to base and land
                        in Manual.
     (a) Align the aircraft and roll forward a few yards to straighten
         the nosewheel.  Apply the brakes with rudder bar
         central and open the throttle smoothly.  If the brakes do
         not hold at 6,800 r.p.m. they should be considered
         unserviceable and the aircraft should not be flown.
         Release the brakes and open the throttle fully, checking
         the engine operation (see para. 58).


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