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                      PART III - HANDLING
             NOTE.-1.  To check the correct functioning of the
                       hydraulic failure warning light and audio
                       warning, exercise the stick laterally several
                       times and select full flap simultaneously to
                       exhaust hydraulic pressure.  The light should
                       come on and the audio warning sound
                       when pressure falls below 50 lb./sq. in.
                       When pressure rebuilds check that the flying
                       control magnetic indicators are still black.
A.L.1                                                    In Mod. 452 aircraft Manual reversion may occur during this check.
                   2.  If a check on low geared Manual aileron is
                       required apply full lateral stick deflection and
                       switch to Manual, observing a decrease in
                       aileron angle.  Re-switch to Power and check
                       aileron reverts to its original position.
        66.  Taxying
        (a)   Taxying is normal for nosewheel type aircraft.  Fuel
              consumption at idling r.p.m. is about 2 galls per minute.
        (b)   The aircraft should not be taxied at a speed which
              requires excessive use of the brakes as this causes over
              heating of the tyres and reduces their life.

A.L.1        67.  Checks before take-off
Para. 67
Page 64           Trim                                                       Tailplane
                                                                                      Clean a/c-Neutral
                                                                                      With 38° flap and/or inboard
                                                                                      Stores-1° Nose-up
                                                                                      With 38° flap and outboard
                                                                                      Stores-½° Nose-up
                                                                                    Spring feel trim-Neutral
                                                                                    Rudder and aileron trim
                                                                                      Neutral, lock on.
                      Fuel                                                       Contents
                                                                                    Booster-pump switches ON.
                                                                                    Warning lights out.
                                                                                    Transfer indicators in-line
                                                                                    Tank selector switches AUTO.
                                                                                    Indicators at REAR.
                                                                                    L.P. warning light out.
                                                                                    Drop tank indicators black (if
                                                                                      fuel in outboard tanks)
                      Flap                                                       Up (38° with stores)
                      Instruments                                          Check and set.


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