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                      PART III - HANDLING
          and the starter master switch ON.  The standby inverter
          will start up, the artificial horizon will erect and the
          magnetic indicator will show white
     (b)  Then to test No. 1 inverter and auto-changeover move
          the RADAR TEST switch (8) to TEST.  The inverter
          will then start up and take over the supply to the instru-
          ments.  The indicator will change to black.  When the
          test is complete return the radar test switch to

     (c)  To shut down after the test, switch off the battery master
          switch (otherwise No. 1 inverter will continue to run) and,
          unless an immediate engine start is to be made switch
          off the starter master switch.  The battery master switch
          should only be set ON again when No. 1 inverter has
          run down.

A.L.1    62.    External checks
Para. 62
Page57          The outside of the aircraft should be checked systematic-
                    ally for signs of damage and for security of panels, filler
                    caps, doors and the like.  The engine intakes and boundary
                    layer ducts must be free from obstruction and the jet pipe
                    free from distortion  The main and nosewheel oleos should
                    be checked for extension, the tyres for cuts and creep, and
                    the brake leads for security and leaks.  The elevator accu-
                    mulator gauge in the port side of the fin should read 1,575
                    lb./sq. in. and the ailerons accumulators gauge in the
A.L.1             starboard wheel bay should read 1,550900lb./sq. in. Remove
                    the pressure head cover.
     63.  Cockpit and pre-start checks
     (a)  On entering the cockpit
           (i)  Check that the drogue gun safety lock and emerg-
                ency oxygen bottle pins are removed, the flight
                instruments and radar supply circuit breakers are in


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