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A.L.1.                      PART II - LIMITATIONS
Para. 48

             (c)  Oil pressures
                  Normal at 7,600 r.p.m.                35 lb./sq. in.
                  Minimum at 7,600 r.p.m.              25 lb./sq. in.
             56.  Flying limitations          
             (a)    (i)   Intentional spinning is prohibited.  Stalling practice is not to be
                          carried out below 25,000 ft. nor continued beyond the buffet stage.
                    (ii)  RP's may be carried and fired, with or without drop tanks fitted
                          on the inboard pylons.  The maximum diving angle during RP
                          firing must not exceed 60°.

                    (iii) When carrying external stores, other than empty inboard drop
                          tanks, practice selections of Manual must not be made since the
                          presence of stores increases the difficulties of reselecting
                          Power.  Gun ammunition must be carried to maintain the CG
                          within reasonable limits during take-off.
             (b)   Maximum speeds
                   In Power
                      Clean                                      620 knots No mach limit, but
                                                                     see para. 75.
                      With drop tanks:-
                        On Outboard pylons             590 knots or 0.88M.
                        On Inboard pylons               590 knots.  No mach limit, but
                                                                     see paras. 70(h) and 75.

                      With RP's                                590 knots. No mach limit, but
                                                                    see para. 70(j).
                    In Manual                                 0.75M below 15,000 feet.
                         (Clean or with Stores)        0.85M above 15,000 feet.

                    Drop tank jettison
                         Drop tanks without fins       250-300 knots.
                           Drop tanks with fins
                             Inboard                           200-450 knots.
                             Outboard                        200-400 knots.
                    Operation of:-
                         Undercarriage                     250 knots.
                         Flaps over full travel            250 knots (See para. 70(d).)
                         Flaps to or from 38°            300 knots or 0.9M (see para.
                                                                     70 (d)).
                    NOTE.-The speed for the operation of a service also applies for
                                 flight with the service in the extended position.
             (c)   G limitations
                    (i)  The following accelerometer readings must not be exceeded:-
                         At any height                       +7G.                

AL. 1                                                    if Mod. 533 not fitted
                         Between 10,000 ft. ^ and    Below 0.9M.  The reading at
                         30,000 ft.                             which buffet commences.
                                                                     Above 0.9M +4G.
                       (ii)  An accelerometer reading of -3¾G must not be exceeded at any


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