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                               PART 1 - DESCRIPTIVE

A.L.1.  51.  DME-Rebecca Mk.7 (ARI. 5849) and Mk.8 (ARI. 23013)
     (a)  The control unit(88) is on the starboard shelf.  A range
          and heading meter (57), which indicates range and left/
          right heading from the homing beacon, is on the instru-
          ment panel
     (b)  Two suppressed aerials are fitted in the engine starter
          and engine access doors.

     52.  G45 and recorder cameras
     (a)  The cine and recorder cameras are operated automatic-
          ally whenever the gun or camera firing switch on the
          control column is energized, with the camera master
          switch ON.
     (b)  The camera master switch (67) is on the switch panel
          below the instrument panel.  The aperture switch (61)
          is on the starboard side of the instrument panel.

A.L.1.  53.  Guns/R.P. firing Gun firing
     (a)  The gun firing switch is on the forward face of the con-
          trol column handgrip.  The circuit is automatically
          isolated when the undercarriage is locked down.  A butt
          test switch (87) is mounted on the starboard shelf and
          provides an override of the automatic isolation of the
          gun firing circuit.

     (b)  When the guns are fired, an electrically operated selector
          is energized to open the gun bay scavenging flap.  This
          causes air to clear the gases from the gun bay through
          the link and empty case chutes.  When the trigger is
          released the scoop closes and the air flow is cut off.

A.L.1.  (c)  The bombs/R.P. firing button is on top of the control
               column beneath a safety flap.

         (d)  The R.P. RIPPLE (46) and SELECTOR (49) switches
               are on a panel on the left of the gunsight.


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