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                               PART 1 - DESCRIPTIVE
                (2) When the twist-grip is set to minimum range,
                   the radar is overridden.  This is to enable the
                   pilot to partially cage the GGS gyro during
                   violent manoeuvres.
                (3) When the desired target is near the ground
                   (below 5,000 ft.) and the radar has locked on
                   to the ground it is better to select REJECT
                   IN than REJECT OUT to lock on to the
     (a)  The radar ranging ON/OFF switch (35) on the port shelf
          controls the system; an adjacent magnetic indicator shows
          white with the system in use and black when its use is

     49.  VHF equipment
     (a)  ARI. 18064
          The two 10-channel VHF controllers (32), with an
          adjacent changeover switch are on the port shelf.  A
          press-to-transmit switch (30) is in the end of the throttle
          lever handle.  The sets are stowed in the starboard
          equipment bay.
     (b)  ARI. 18012
          The telebriefing land-line plug is at the underside of the
          rear fuselage, forward of the tail bumper.  When the plug
          is connected, the VHF circuit is de-energised and an
          amber warning light (20) on the port shelf indicates that
          telebriefing is in use.  The pilot's press-to-speak switch
          is adjacent.
     (c)  Green salad
          The control switches (17) are on the cockpit port wall.
          The indicator (58) is situated on the starboard side of
          the instrument panel.

     50.  IFF Mk3
     (a)  The G, G/D F and D switches (89) are grouped on the
           starboard shelf
     (b)  A suppressed aerial is mounted in the leading edge of
          the fin.


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