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                               PART 1 - DESCRIPTIVE

    40.   Ejection seat Mk. 2H or Mk. 3H

          WARNING.-1.  The pilot must ensure that each safety
                       pin is removed and stowed before flight
                       and must lock each handle against the
                       possibility of accidental withdrawal on the
                       ground before leaving the cockpit.  All
                       personnel must ensure that each firing
                       handle is locked (i.e. fabric safety strap
                       passed through handle and secured by its
                       safety pin) before entering the cockpit.
                   2.  If it is necessary to leave the aircraft in
                       an emergency on the ground special care
                       must be taken not to foul the seat pan
                       alternative handle if its safety pin is not in
    (a)   Mk. 2H seat
          (i)   A Mk. 2H pilot ejection seat is fitted incorporating
                a type ZF harness, headrest, footrests, parachute
                container and a seat well for the dinghy and
                emergency oxygen supply.  A Mk. 8 or 13 parachute
                must be used. 

          (ii)  The height maybe adjusted by a lever on the star-
                board side of the seat; the harness release is also on
                the starboard side.

          (iii) A 60 ft./second or 80 ft./second (Martin Baker Mod.
                271) ejection gun is fitted.  It is important that the
                pilot is aware of the type of gun fitted, since this
                affects the minimum ejection height (see para

          (iv)  The ejection seat gun is fired by pulling the handle above
                the headrest and, when Martin Baker Mod.295 is
                embodied, by the alternative firing handle attached
                to the forward edge of the seat pan between the
                pilot's legs.  When either firing handle is operated,
                the hood is jettisoned immediately by gas pressure
                from the hood jettison cartridge; at the same time a
                delay unit at the back of the headrest is started.  This
                unit withdraws the sear from the seat pan one second
                after the handle is pulled.  The seat is then ejected
                If G conditions necessitate using the seat pan


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