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                               PART 1 - DESCRIPTIVE
                units, will be sufficient for landing but will leave little in
                hand for subsequent taxying.  The available accumulator
                pressure is shown on a gauge (9) at the aft end of the
                port shelf.  The brakes will remain effective until
                accumulator pressure drops to 750 lb./
          (d)   Maxaret brake units are fitted which permit the use of
                full braking when necessary without the danger of wheel
                locking and tyre damage.  The units can come into
                operation only if the wheels are rotating and in no cir-
                cumstances should the brakes be applied before touch


          35.   Entry to aircraft                

          (a)   Access to the cockpit is normally gained via a special
                ladder, supplied as ground equipment
          (b)  A single emergency footstep is located in the port side
               of the fuselage, below the cockpit.

          36.   Hood operation                

          (a)   The hood is opened or closed electrically after selection
                by a three position OPEN-OFF-SHUT switch (16) on
                the port wall  The hood may be stopped at any position
                by selecting OFF but in flight the switch must be SHUT,
                otherwise partial depressurization may occur.  There is a
                delay of about 5 seconds between selection and operation
                when the switch is set to OPEN.  Above the switch is a
                clutch lever (15), operation of which to FREE declutches
                the actuator, locks the switch at OFF and enables the
                hood to be moved by hand. A circuit-breaker (5) is fitted
                at the aft end of the port shelf.
          (b)  The hood seal is automatically inflated when the hood is
               fully closed and deflated when either OPEN is selected
               or the clutch release is set to FREE.

          (c)  Four pointers (12) are provided, one at each end of the
               hood rails.  Alignment of the pointers with the associated
               spigots indicates that the hood rails are locked and are
               safe for flight.


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