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                                                                                                                                                                                    Issued with A.L.1
                            PART 1 - DESCRIPTIVE

                 (iii)A spring-loaded telescopic strut is incorporated in the
                      linkage so that full and unrestricted stick movement
                      is always obtainable  The strut telescopes when either
                      the elevator is moved faster than the rate at which the
                      tailplane actuator can follow up or when the tailplane
                      has reached the end of its travel.
          (d)  Trimming

                 Trimming is carried out by means of the tab switch on
                 the control column.  In addition to altering the tailplane
                 incidence, operation of this switch also resets the datum
                 position of the two micro-switches.  During trimming the
                 elevator is kept in line with the tailplane by the centring
                 action of the spring feel strut, the switch arm thus follow-
                 ing the resetting of the micro-switches datum position.
                 The datum setting cannot be altered by means of the
                 standby switch.

          23.  Aileron feel and trim
          (a)    The air loads are resisted entirely by the hydraulic jack
                 effort and no load is fed back to the control column.  To
                 provide control feel, a spring is fitted in the control circuit
                 and gives an artificial stick force which is proportional
                 only to aileron deflection but not to airspeed.  A hand-
                 wheel (69) on the left-hand side of the control column
                 provides spring feel adjustment and may be used to trim
                 the aircraft when in Power.  A white line is inscribed on
                 the handwheel.  When the trimmer is neutral the line
                 points forward and the trimmer engages in a spring-
                 loaded detent.  Movement from this position is through
                 300° either to the left or to the right thereby adjusting
                 the zero force position of the stick.  This trimmer should
                 not be used in Manual
          (b)    A trim tab is fitted on the port aileron.  It is only intended
                 for use in Manual and a guard (28) is placed round the
                 combined rudder/aileron trim control (27) to prevent
                 the inadvertent use of the aileron trim when in Power.  A trim
                 indicator (25) is forward of the control.

          24.  Aileron gear change
          (a)    On reversion to Manual control, the control column/
                 aileron gearing is automatically changed so that for the


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