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                             PART 1 - DESCRIPTIVE

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          (b) (i) An electrically-operated variable-incidence tailplane
                  is provided.  It is hinged at the rear end, while a
                  projection on the leading edge is connected to an
                  electrically-operated actuator mounted in the dorsal
                  fin below the tailplane.  After selecting by feel the
                  required tailplane angle to give zero stick force for
                  a given flight condition, the elevator is trailing with
                  no air load imposed on it.  The actuator is operated
                  by one of two electric motors, the main and the
                  standby.  The main motor is controlled by a thumb
                  switch (62) on top of the stick and the tailplane
                  operates in the same way as a conventional trimming
                  tab.  The tailplane main motor circuit is protected
                  by a circuit breaker (4) on the port shelf.

             (ii) The standby motor, which is fitted to meet the case
                  of failure of the main motor, or its electrical supply,
                  is controlled by a switch (23) under a cover on the
                  port shelf.  When the cover is raised to enable oper-
                  tion of the standby switch, the main motor circuit
                  is isolated.  The standby motor operates at about
                  one-third of the rate of the main motor.
             (iii)The setting of the tailplane is shown on an
                  indicator (47) on the port side of the instrument


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