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                            PART I - DESCRIPTIVE

           19.  Hydraulic System
           (a)  An engine-driven hydraulic pump maintains a live-line
                pressure of 2,850±150 lb./sq. in. for the normal opera-
                tion of the :-

                     Undercarriage and doors
                     Wheel brakes
                     Aileron and elevator hydroboosters
                The main pressure is indicated by the central needle of
                the triple pressure gauge (21) at the forward end of the
                port shelf.

           (b)  Five hydraulic accumulators are fitted in the circuit to
                provide a reserve of power in an emergency.  The
                hydraulic side of the accumulators is connected to the
                wheel brakes (two), aileron hydroboosters (two), and
                elevator hydrobooster (one) respectively.
A.L.1           (c)  The pressure available in the wheel brakes accumulators is shown on
Para. 19 (c)
Page 22             a gauge (9) on the port shelf.  The accumulators are charged with air
                        to a pressure of 750 lb./sq. in. via a connection in the nosewheel bay.
A.L.2                 The aileron accumulators are charged to 1,550900 lb./sq. in. via a con-
                        nection in the starboard wheel bay and the elevator accumulator is
                        charged to 1,575 lb./sq. in. via a panel in the port side of the fin.  The
                        pressure in the elevator accumulator is shown on a gauge visible
                        through a transparent window on the fin; the pressure in the two
                        aileron accumulators is shown on a gauge adjacent to the charging

       (d)  Immediate indication of failure of the live-line system is
            given audibly by a high-pitched noise over the pilot's
            headset, and visually by a red light (19) on the port side
            of the instrument panel which comes on when pressure in
            the system has fallen to 600 lb./sq. in. and also by the


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