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                            PART I - DESCRIPTIVE

           11.  Throttle/H.P. fuel cock

                The high pressure fuel cock (26) is controlled by the
                throttle lever.  When the lever is fully back in the H.P.
                COCK gate the fuel supply to the engine is cut off.  When
                the lever is moved forward of the gate, sufficient fuel
                is available to maintain idling r.p.m.   A spring-loaded
                trigger on the throttle lever prevents the throttle being
                returned through the H.P. cock gate, once it is forward
                of that position  A throttle damper is aft of the control.
           12.  Automatic variable swirl vanes

           (a)  The first row of stator blade in the engine compressor
                consists of variable swirl vanes which assist in imparting
                swirl to the incoming air.  When normal flight r.p.m.
                are reached, the swirl vanes move progressively to the
                minimum swirl position which occurs at about 7,000
           (b)  The swirl vanes have no noticeable effect on engine
                operation.   However, until the swirl vanes reach the
                minimum swirl position at about 7,000 r.p.m. the com-
                pressor is not operating at maximum efficiency.   

           13.  Starting system

           (a)  Starting is by means of a liquid fuel starting system.
                This type of system is similar in operation to a cartridge
                starter system in that the gases from the burning monofuel
                drive the starter turbine and thus rotate the engine.
                Instead of starter cartridges, liquid isopropylnitrate,
                stored in a tank, is fed to and ignited within the starter
           (a)  The main control switches are:-
                 (i) The battery master switch (68).

                 (ii)The ignition switch (adjacent to 63) which controls
                     the current to the igniter plugs.  It should normally
                     be locked in the ON position.


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