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                            PART I - DESCRIPTIVE
      3.   Contents gauges

     (a)   Two electrical fuel contents gauges (96) indicate the total
           fuel in the PORT tanks (front, wing and rear) and
           STBD. tanks (front, wing and rear).  There are no gauges
           for the drop tanks.

     (b)   The fuel gauges read the weight of fuel in pounds.
           When all gauged tanks are full, each gauge should read
           1,500 lb. approx.
     (c)   Provision is made for the fitting of a flowmeter on the
           starboard shelf.

A.L.1      4.   Transfer system
Para. 4(a)
Page 11 (a)      Air pressure for the transfer system is taken from a tapping on the
                      engine compressor and is separately fed to the fuselage rear tanks,
                      to the recuperators in the front tanks, and to the drop tanks or the
                      wing tanks, if the drop tanks are not fitted.  When drop tanks are
                      fitted, fuel transfer is from outer tank to inner tank to wing tank.
                      When Mod. 574 is embodied two magnetic indicators, one for each
                      outboard wing tank, are situated aft of the fuel gauges.  Each shows
                      white when all fuel has transferred from its associated outboard drop

     (b)   Control of the system is by two TANK SELECTOR
           switches (91), one for each side of the system.  Each
           switch has three positions, AUTO (forward), REAR
           (central) and WING (aft).  When the switches are set to
           AUTO the air pressure forces fuel from the rear tanks to
           the front tanks.  When each rear tank is empty a float
           switch in the tank operates to alter the setting of the
           transfer cock, shutting off the rear tank and allowing the
           drop tanks to feed to the wing tanks and the wing tanks
           to feed to the front tanks.  At the same time, the WING/
           REAR tank indicator (92) operates to show that this is
           happening.  Setting either control switch to WING or
           REAR causes transfer to take place from the respective
           tank.  When changeover from either wing or rear tanks
           is taking place the indicator shows yellow and the action
           of the selector cock motoring over is audible over the            


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