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Newspaper article about the new German Armed Forces Regional exhibition at GAF Jever - Feb2016.

Overseas Operations Presented Realistically

First Regional Exhibition opened at GAF Jever - 80 Years of Station History

General Volker Wieker described the exhibition as `authentic`

In the Spring of 2014, with overseas deployments, structural changes and many other tasks to be accomplished it was no wonder that the CO of the GAF Regiment "Friesland", Colonal Hans Peter Dorfmüller first hesitated when he received a phone call from the MoD.   Could he visualize, he was asked, that the station at Jever be selected to be one of the planned Regional Exhibitions for the Bundeswehr which would be part of a campaign - Bundeswehr Leading, Active, Attractive, Different, so as to improve the image of the Armed Forces.

Dorfmüller finally took this opportunity because the exhibition would fit in well with the forth coming celebrations for 80 years of Luftwaffe at Jever which will take place in 2016 and will consist of several events to mark the occasion.   The opening yesterday of the Regional Exhibition - German Air Force Regiment "Friesland" in Service - by General Volker Wieker as guest of honour one could say was the start of the jubilee year.   Wieker together with other guests at the opening ceremony were very impressed with the new exhibition with its information texts, photos, models, multi-media stations together with many original exhibits which clearly show how service life was in the years in Afghanistan.

In his speech, Hans Peter Dorfmüller especially thanked WO Markus Küpke, who, on the service side, was in charge of directing and building up the exhibition and also for his blood, sweat and tears shed in doing so.   Peter Wallach from the design office of Beier+Wellach - Projects was also thanked for their professional support.

GAF Jever is one of 3 stations chosen for a Regional Exhibition and is the only Luftwaffe one.   The exhibition inform visitors on the station history as well as on tasks and possibilities in the Regiment, primarily on service overseas - from preparations, life, working, debriefing after operations, at Camp Marmal near Mazar a Sharif in Afghanistan.   Nothing has been left out, from the well-being of families left at home to all that service men and women overseas could suffer, even to death when on active service.   More than 15 short videos can be viewed from servicemen and women of all ranks who have recorded their experiences when serving abroad.   General Wieker described, what future civilian visitors to the exhibition will also see - 'as authentic'.

   For visitors wishing to visit the Exhibition : Please call 04461/181008 or E-Mail:   (Thanks to Maurice Parker.)
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