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GAF Regiment ever more important for the Bundeswehr
Reorientation Start for increase of station strength to 2050 service personnel

Jever.   The reform of the Bundeswehr will make Jever to one of the most important GAF stations in the Bundeswehr.   Personnel on the station at Jever/Schortens will be increased to 2050 by 2018.   The initial phase for this was made midday yesterday with a parade held on the GAF Regiment "Friesland" Station where a ceremonious reorientation took place.   Musically accompanied by the Army Band 1 from Hannover, all existing battalions on parade were disbanded and new ones formed.   At the same time this was also the day of the final closure of the old airfield as all flying had ended in 2013.
Yesterday was also the disbandment of the Air Field Services Squadron which since 1968 has been responsible for flying operations on the station.   9 years after disbandment of the Fighter/Bomber Wing 38 the chapter of flying at GAF Jever has now finally come to an end.   The CO of the GAF Regiment, Oberst Hans Peter Dorfmüller called the day a "mile stone" in the history of the unit that was formed in 1996 as a battalion and in 2005 became a regiment.  Major General Löwenstein the Commander of Ground Units Luftwaffe said that due to the new orientation all Bundeswehr operations abroad will now be even more important.

Picture caption: Standard bearers marching on to the parade held at Jever on the occasion of the reformation of the GAF Regiment. - 29Mar14.
(Thanks to Maurice Parker.)
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