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This is an extract from the Luftwaffe web site about the history of the Brockzetel radar site:

Historical Flashback

Run by the British RAF the radar site at Brockzetel was from 1955/1956 one of four radar sites in Northern Germany.   British airmen began operating in Brockzetel on the 21st June 1956.   The site was equipped with radar types T 80 and T 13.

Since the German Air Force was later to play a role in air defence, by 1957 these radar sites were already training German airmen as "Partial Commanders".   One of these "Partial Commands" was the "Partial Command Jever", which was, with four officers and 28 non-commissioned officers and crew set up at Jever on 7th July 1957.   Training and employment of these airmen was carried out at the Brockzetel radar site.

Alongside this at Osnabrück they set up the No. 332 Flight Registration Department Staff under Major Koch, among others, who also commanded the "Partial Command Jever".   It was renamed "No. 342 VP1/Flight Notification and Guidance Company" in June 1958 and took over the Refugee Camp in the Sandhorster Barracks in Aurich on 29th November 1958.

The formation of the No. 34 I/Telecommunications Regiment was on the 1st August 1959 and incorporated the No. 332 Flight Registration Department Osnabrück which the two Staffs of Nos. 332 and 342 Flight Registration Departments shared.   On the 13th December 1959 Aurich became the official location of the Bundeswehr.


- Department took on Brockzetel radar site.

- On the 1st July 1960 the administration and infrastructure of the radar site was taken over by No. 342 Flight Registration Section from the No. 101 Signals Unit RAF Germany.

- On the 1st December 1960 the Brockzetel radar site was officially handed over by the No. 101 Signals Unit RAF Germany to No. 342 Flight Registration Department.

- Eight Interceptor Control positions were available in the CRC.   They controlled fighters such as the F-86 (SABRE VI), Meteor NF 11 and later also Javelins.

(Thanks to Joachim Linke.)
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