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Newspaper: Jeversches Wochenblatt dated 25th March 2006

Top picture: Ceremonial parade on the Jever airfield.   Federal Navy Music Corps - North Sea play at the Battalion Commanders hand-over parade of the Luftwaffe Regiment.   New CO is Oberstleutenant Markus Kurczyk (right in lower picture) departing CO Oberstleutenant Friedhelm Tränapp (left).

Translation of Article in Jever Newspaper:

Latest Change for the Battalion of the Luftwaffe Regiment

Tränapp leaves, Kurczyk comes / Karl-Heinz Kubriak will become Regiment CO

With a little sadness the old CO will transfer to Cologne.   He would have liked to have stayed until the end.   The full regiment is to be formed in July.

Upjever - After 10 years of existence and 3 months before the build-up to full regimental strength in Jever, a change of command of the Battalion took place once again yesterday.   At a farewell parade the 4th CO of the Battalion formed in 1996, Oberstleutenant Friedhelm Tränapp who lives in Essen, handed over command to Division Commander Peter Schelzig, who in turn passed this on to the 5th and last CO of the independent Battalion, Oberstleutenant Markus Kurczyk.

Kurczyk will take over the post of CO in Jever until the end of June and as he said in his introductory speech yesterday, "After this date he will step back into the second rank".   The CO of the full Luftwaffe Regiment that will be formed on the 1st July will be a person who is well-known in Jever -Oberstleutenant Karl-Heinz Kubriak, who 10 years ago was the 1st CO of the Battalion and so will now return to Friesland in a new capacity.   He took part in the hand-over ceremony yesterday together with many other old acquaintances.   Also present were the Generals Eike Krüger, previous Commander at Jever and now Division Commander in Aurich as well as Karl-Heinz Viereck, the late Division Commander in Aurich and now CO of Luftwaffe Operations HQ in Potsdam.   An earlier Regiment Commander, Richard Frevel, together with politicians and local senior officials were also present at the parade.

Friedhelm Tränapp, the departing Commander regretted that he could not accompany the Battalion up to the change-over and that he had to leave in the middle of a difficult phase.   He will take up a post as Deputy Head for Personnel Management at Luftwaffe HQ.   Tränapp said that he will never forget the time he spent in this unique unit.   His successor, Marcus Kurczyk knows the Battalion from the time he spent as Head of Department with the 4th Division in Aurich.   He has previously served in Friesland between 1999 and 2001.   Kurczyk transfers from the Luftwaffe HQ in Bonn.   His family will remain living in Rheinland whereas the family of Friedhelm Tränapp will remain in Friesland.
(Thanks to Maurice Parker.)
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