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Report on a Visit to German Air Force Jever by Mick Ryan, Chris Stone, Gunter Kipp and Maurice Parker
on Tuesday/Wednesday 16/17th August 2005

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                      157. Ken Goodwin making one of his passes in front of Hangar 4, the old 98 and 118 home.   This oil was hanging
                      in the passageway leading from the mess to the dining room.   It was given to Ken Goodwin by the artist Bruno Albers.
                      When Gunter Kipp met Ken in UK he was asked to take the painting back to Germany so that it could hang in the
                      Officers' Mess at Jever.   Gunter took it to Bruno who refurbished it and presented it to the GAF Mess.   [Click to see.]
                      (Thanks to Chris Stone).

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