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Calling Notice for 16Mar13

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stationpic948.jpg, 15641 bytes JSL AGM 16th March 2013


128 Piccadilly, London, W1J 7PY.
(100 yards E of Hyde Park Corner tube or 600 yds W of Green Park- Both Piccadilly Line - see map below).

A note on the 2013 AGM in the RAF Club on the Saturday 16th March 2013, 'release brakes' at 1800, or before if short of fuel.

This year, as there is a very critical Six Nations rugby match between England and Wales from 1700 to 1850hrs, we have arranged for it to be displayed in our Millennium Suite on the large TV screen displays from 1700hrs onwards until it finishes.   So no excuse about missing the match! - you can get your drinks in the Running Horse and bring them over to our suite, our own bar opens at 1800 hrs.

     Last year we had an increase in numbers attending, reaching 39, which, we are delighted to report, included "Hammer" West's daughter and her husband.   We awarded the Golden Share to Bill Maish for regular attendance and rather appropriately he brought three generations of Maish's to the AGM!

     We only lost four to the big hanger in the sky since the AGM last year - and two of those were from WWII - Roy Flight from 118 Sqn (42-43) and Wg Cdre Bill Hoy (93 Sqn Oct40 to early 41), who was one of the Harrow pilots involved in Churchill's crazy aerial mine project.   This involved trailing 2,000 ft of piano wire behind the aircraft and draping it over the leading edge of the approaching aircraft, then releasing a mine which slid down the cable and blew up on striking the enemy.   Sadly most of them blew up the Harrows and no enemy was knowingly despatched!

    Sadly we also heard of the departure of Bill Sheppard (2 Sqn about 1960) from his final place of retirement in Tunisia.   Recently, 19Jan13, Group Captain Peter Gilpin, (OC 4 Sqn Aug53 to Dec55), died after a short illness at the age of 90.   This was a great blow as Peter nearly attended the AGM last year but had to cancel at the last minute.   The only up side is that it is some time since we have lost so few shareholders in a year.

     I am sure it is correct to say that the Jever Steam Laundry is probably one of two or, possibly three, reunions of our era, the golden years of jet fighter flying. Our reunion embraces for more than a decade all aspects of the life, and so memories, of the whole station, Jever, rather the more normal squadron, or other units, reunions.   I firmly believe that very existence of our JSL reunion is exemplary testimony to our good fortune in serving there.

     Hopefully, if you agree with my comments in the preceding paragraph, you and any relatives will make that extra effort to attend and in doing so make a positive contribution to an enjoyable evening.

     Let me just remind you, we welcome the relatives of those who have died, regardless of when.    If any relatives come, please do not feel shy, but do help us by introducing yourselves so that we can perhaps find someone who hopefully can chat with you about the days your loved one was at Jever.   Even if we can't find someone for you who knew your relative, we will introduce you to a 'regular'.

     I want in advance to once again thank most sincerely Mick, and Jo, for all the considerable effort they put in that makes the evening so very enjoyable.

     A word of caution for relatives: A 'leftover' ex officer from our days at Jever, while not at present a potential attendee this year, may try to gate crash the evening.   He is harmless but is without equal in his skill in cadging free drinks.   I would not wish to sully this Calling Letter by mentioning his name.   However, I have a duty of care in protecting relatives and also in reminding those who served with him at Jever, of his one, and only, skill: free loading.   However, if you wish to inform yourself further, go to the JSL website, click on Steam Laundry, and on the 'Disputes' window, and on the J.... vs King.   Window.   J..... is blue, in more ways than 1.

12. The Club is repeating its choice of one of the following four hot dishes:

     1. Steak Kidney and Mushroom Pie with Roast Potatoes & Vegetables - £16

     2. Chicken Curry with Rice - £16

     3. Fish & Chips - £16

     4. Grilled Minute Steak & Chips - £16

13. If you or anyone in your party wishes to eat then please would you pre-order using the form Mick has appended to this letter. Logistics could be a problem unless we know the exact numbers requiring food.

14. When you reply to our Calling Notice please let Mick know if you want food and what your choices are. Please pay for it at the bar on the night. If you are staying at the Club give your room number and it will be charged to your account.


15. Mick has 8 rooms reserved again for anyone who wishes to stay at the RAF Club, (you do not have to be a member), just let Mick know what type of room you would like.

16. The costs at the RAF Club for 2013, which do not include breakfast, are as follows:

                                   Members    Non-members
     Single room                £58.00       £66.50

     Double room             £125.00       £141.00

     Double Superior room £140.00       £160.00


Come to the JSL while years last!

I have the honour to be

Your Almost Obedient Chairman

Pat King

AGM 2013 1800 Hrs

To Mick Ryan, Far End, Chipstead Lane, Sevenoaks, Kent TN13 2RG

I will/will not be attending. Accompanied/unaccompanied

I do/do not require accommodation.  If so, type?....................................

Please reply by e-mail if possible to:
(Underscore, shifted hyphen, not a hyphen between mick and ryan.)

Please note that we use email letters to all those who have email addresses and ordinary mail to those who do not, so please keep us up to date. This year there were 63 posted and 126 E-mailed.


Please enter number of each required:

1. Steak, Kidney & Mushroom Pie - Roast Pots & Vegs £16.........

2. Chicken Curry with Rice £16.......

3. Fish & Chips £16.......

4. Grilled Minute Steak & Chips £16......

Updates (Especially email)

Information Comments or Polite (MN) Suggestions (including who should get the Golden Share?):

                                                     Alternative Accommodation

1.  I offer the following suggestions for those who may make a late decision to come and may not be able to gain a room in the Club.

2.  Where web sites exist, I leave those of you on the net to look up the details. I have included some basic information on the accommodation for those not on the net so you will be able to contact the organisation of your choice.

3.  Caledonian Club.   The RAF Club has reciprocal arrangements with other clubs both in UK and overseas for RAF Club members only.   The Caledonian Club is one of them and is within easy walking distance of the Club, being at 9 Halkin Street Belgravia.   [See map below}.   The telephone number is: 020 7235 51662 - however, do not deal direct with the Caledonian Club in the first instance.   I suggest you do that through Mick to avoid any booking cockups.   I have included the number so if you are accommodated there you can contact the Caledonian Club about your personal arrangements.

maponly.jpg, 86299 bytes 4.  Direct Hotels London -   Modestly calls itself the most popular Hotels website for cheap hotels in London.   I suggest that if you are not on the net you ask a relative of friend who is, if you can call and see the website.   It would be easy for the person to book online for you.   There is a map showing where the hotels are. Prices vary according to the 'Star' rating.   If you make a sudden late decision to attend call on 0871-200-01718.

5.  Victory Services Club -   The Victory Services Club is a Tri-Service, All Ranks Members' Club for currently serving and retired members of the Armed Forces, ideally located at Marble Arch in the heart of London's West End.   You will need to join (Single membership is £20 per annum through varying other categories to the most expensive Family [joint] £45 per annum).

6.  Even if you are not coming to the AGM, it is worth noting that parents or children of serving or ex-service personnel can join in their own right under one of the membership categories, even though they have not been in any of the armed services. So if you or one of you family take grandchildren (or in our family more accurately termed 'domestic terrorists') to London for treats just once a year you will more than likely break even.   Two visits and you are in the money.    Costs vary: a single room, including breakfast, is £39.50.and at the other end of the scale, a family room en suite with 2 adults plus 1 sprog is £144.50.   If you are not on the net, I suggest you do as I suggested above and ask a relative or friend who is to let you see the website.   You can then do a virtual tour.   It's a really good deal.   Telephone 020-7616-8302.

7.  I hope this information was useful.


1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesRAF Club Room Booking Ref
  1. Pat King - President - 2. Chicken Curry1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesOwn booking
  2. Audrey King - 2. Chicken Curry1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesOwn booking
  3. Dickie Barraclough - 2. Chicken Curry1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesOwn booking
  4. Fred Butcher - 1. Steak Kidney Pie1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesNot required
  5. Ted Bywater - 1. Steak Kidney Pie1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesNot required
  6. Henry Chambers - 1. Steak Kidney Pie1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesNot required
  7. Vic Dabin - 1. Steak Kidney Pie1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesOwn booking
  8. Barry Dale - 2. Chicken Curry1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesNot required
  9. Ron Gray - 1 Steak Kidney Pie1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesOwn booking
  10. Del Gray - 1 Steak Kidney Pie1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesOwn booking
  11. Gil Gray - 2. Chicken Curry1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesNot required
  12. Dick Haynes - No food1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesNot required
  13. Pete Hunwick - No food1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesNot required
  14. Pete Jennings - 2. Chicken Curry1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesNot required
  15. Peter Jones - 1. Steak Kidney Pie1px-trans.gif, 43 bytes3503087
  16. Colin Lamont - 2. Chicken Curry1px-trans.gif, 43 bytes3503092
  17. Ann Lamont - 3. Fish & Chips1px-trans.gif, 43 bytes3503092
  18. Danny Lavender - 1. Steak Kidney Pie1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesNot required
  19. Johnny Macknish - 4. Steak and Chips1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesNot required
  20. Ian Madelin - No food1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesNot required
  21. Eric Pigdon - 1. Steak Kidney Pie1px-trans.gif, 43 bytes3503086
  22. Nigel Pigdon - 2. Chicken Curry1px-trans.gif, 43 bytes3503090
  23. Miles Pigdon - 4. Steak and Chips1px-trans.gif, 43 bytes3503090
  24. Al Pollock - 2. Chicken Curry1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesNot required
  25. Trish Pollock - 3. Fish & Chips1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesNot required
  26. Bernie Revnell - 4. Steak & Chips1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesNot required
  27. Pat Revnell - 3. Fish & Chips1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesNot required
  28. Mick Ryan, Web Master - 3. Fish & Chips1px-trans.gif, 43 bytes3503094
  29. Jo Ryan - 3. Fish & Chips1px-trans.gif, 43 bytes3503094
  30. Eric Sharp - 1. Steak Kidney Pie1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesOwn booking
  31. Clare Sharp - 1. Steak Kidney Pie1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesOwn booking
  32. Philip Westwell - 2. Chicken Curry1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesOwn Booking
25 + 7 ladies = 32 total

Total Meal choices:

1. Steak Kidney and Mushroom Pie - 11
2. Chicken Curry with Rice - 10
3. Fish & Chips. - 5
4. Steak & Chips - 3
No food - 3
Total - 32

Apologies for Absence:
  1. George Beaton
  2. Tinkle Bell
  3. Bugs Bendell
  4. Pete Bouch
  5. Des Browne
  6. Michael Collins
  7. Roy and Muriel Cope-Lewis
  8. Bill Croydon
  9. Danny Daniels
  10. Dr Helen Doe - Daughter of Bob Doe
  11. Peter Drummond-Hay
  12. Don Exley - Hip replaced
  13. Charles Gibbs - tel from NZ, over 90, well and may come over later this year!
  14. Nobby Hall
  15. Bob Holliday
  16. Pete Jarvis - Ill in hospital
  17. Gunter Kipp
  18. David Lockspeiser
  19. Robbie Lynn
  20. Bill Maish - Taken ill at last minute
  21. Timothy Maish
  22. Amaryl McCullagh
  23. Tim McElhaw
  24. Eric McFee
  25. Paddy Minnis
  26. Roy Mitchell - operation
  27. Barrie Palmer
  28. Veronica Palmer
  29. AVM John Price
  30. Pete Raeburn
  31. Margaret Rose
  32. Ken Senar
  33. Mamie Sharman
  34. Eileen Shepherd (nee Bradley)
  35. Chris and Toni Stone
  36. Air Marshal Sir John Sutton- Grandson's wedding in Oz!
  37. Andrew Thomas
  38. Brian Thornton
  39. Ann Thornton
  40. Air Marshal Sir John "Whisky" Walker
  41. Timber Wood
  42. Mike Wraight

Pictures of AGM 2013 at the RAF Club, on 16th March 2013
(Thanks to Nigel and Eric Pigdon and Ted Bywater for them all.)

  1. Dickie Barraclough.
  2. Eric Pigdon.
  3. Johnnie Macknish.
  4. Mick "Grumps" Ryan.
  5. That's better!   Mick Ryan.
  6. Ron Gray.
  7. Bernie Revnell.
  8. Philip Westwell.
  9. Danny Lavender.
  10. Eric Sharp.
  11. Al Pollock.
  12. Pete Jennings.
  13. The Dastardly Baron von Jennings!
  14. The President Pat King.
  15. Colin Lamont.
  16. Our President again Pat King.
  17. Still going strong!   "Pfennig" Hunwick.
  18. And the winner of the Golden Share for 2013!   Peter Jones.
  19. Pat Revnell, Mick Ryan and Ron Gray.
  20. Eric Sharp.
  21. Danny Lavender and Philip Westwell.
  22. Nigel Pigdon, Eric's son.
  23. Jo Ryan, Bernie Revnell and Pat Revnell.   The 1 hr 47 min film of life at RAF Jever is playing in the background.   This can be down loaded from the web site from the last entry in the Videos directory and there is also a 10-page Microsoft Word document that decribes all of the clips.
  24. At rear Pete Hunwick, Pat King, Dickie Barraclough and Peter Jones.
  25. Barry Dale, Vic Dabin, Ted Bywater and Gillie Gray.
  26. Standing Pete Jennings, Pat King and Pete Hunwick.
  27. Colin Lamont and Jo Ryan.
  28. Al Pollock and Ann Lamont.
  29. Ann Lamont (back of head), Colin Lamont, Jo Ryan and Al Pollock.
  30. Pete Hunwick, Trish Pollock foreground, Dickie Barraclough, Pat King back and Peter Jones.
  31. Ted Bywater, Gillie Gray and Vic Dabin.
  32. Audrey King, Pete Hunwick at rear and Trish Pollock.
  33. Ann Lamont, Pat King at rear, Pete Hunwick Dickie Barraclough, Peter Jones and Colin Lamont.
  34. Claire Sharp, Eric Sharp and at rear Nigel Pigdon.
  35. Danny Lavender and Philip Westwell.
  36. I don't care what you say, you're going to pay for my meal!   L to R: Pat Revnell, Mick Ryan and Ron Gray.
  37. Miles Pigdon - following in his ancestors footsteps!
  38. Nigel Pigdon.
  39. Delighted to re-discover long-lost friends.   Bernie and Pat Revnell.
  40. Ron and Del Gray.
  41. Johnnie Macknish.
  42. Miles Pigdon.
  43. Fassberg Wing - L. to R: Ted Bywater, Gillie Gray, Fred Butcher, Vic Dabin and Henry Chambers.
  44. Bomber Command memorial.   Opposite the RAF Club there is now the magnificent memorial to the Bomber Command crews of WWII.
  45. This memorial is dedicated to the 55,575 airmen from the United Kingdom , British Commonwealth & Allied Nations who served in RAF Bomber Command & Lost their lives over the course of the Second World War.

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