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Calling Notice for 13Jan01 & Minutes of Annual General Meeting 8Jan00


13 JAN 01



((Tell the cabbie "Fleet Street, opposite Fetter Lane")
(nearest Tube is Temple)

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Another year rolls by and our AGM is due on the second Saturday in 01 - the New Millenium to some I understand.  Please note that the second Saturday this year is 13th January and NOT 6th January as erroneously stated in this year's missive.  Quite clearly the earliest the second Saturday can ever be is the 8th - my apologies.

Arrangements have been put in hand for the JSL to gather at the "Clachan" (details above) at 1800 hrs - 23 hrs.  Limpopo and dingleberry sustenance will be available from a combination of their lunch/evening menus.  This was very well received last year and was a big improvement on the "Three Compasses".

A big thank you to all those (30 plus) who managed to make it to the revised venue at such short notice.  General consensus appears to be that the "Clachan" meets our requirements very neatly and should be continued with.  My apologies to Bugs for it not being quite at street level, however I am assured that if you can make it there we would be able to manhandle you down the few steps - it might just help if you could use the lightweight chariot for that particular night.

Last year's Golden Share Award went to Barry Dale, in recognition of his secretarial efforts in the early days of the "Three Compasses" era.  A full list of those in attendance (with a note of apologies received) is enclosed.

Contacts remain as below and unchanged from last year:

Ken Goodwin Auldcroft, Plud Street, Wedmore, Some' ?t BS28 4BE Tel: 01934 71228

Jeff Jeffrey 2 Hawkes End, Brampton, Huntingdon, CF-1s.PE28 4TW (new code) Tel: 01480 454788

As always, sad to relate that news has filtered through that certain of our members have passed away - namely Dougie Barr in 1999 and SWR Hughes in September 1996.

Now for the Millenium Meet which I very much regret came to nought.  Unfortunately the required support just wasn't forthcoming.  I estimated that we would need 80 people (say 40 couples) to make the event viable but the returns showed only 18 x 2, total 36, interested and when this was placed against the most popular/convenient weekend it was reduced by 6 to a total of 30.  Pity really but that figure really was too small.  Perhaps what was equally disappointing was that out of some 100 letters sent out only 22 people replied (18 'Yes', 4 'No') - unfortunately the kitty will not run to prepaid reply envelopes.  Thank you for all the letters and notes, particularly the one from Jack Payne whose hand - at 90 plus - remains as steady as ever.  I am very envious, Jack, I think the Pils put paid to mine a long while ago.

Some general information - Roy Cope-Lewis has been in touch and his details are in the Basket List Annex. He now runs a Pension in Austria offering hill/mountain walking, golf, tennis, skiing etc., at very reasonable rates and would be delighted to hear from any member who is interested. His telephone/fax number is +43(0)5513-6356.

Please complete the enclosed Attendance Return and if you can make it I look forward to seeing you at Steaming Time - 1800 hours. For those unable to make it this time next year (02) will be on 12th Jan 02 at the same place - unless you hear otherwise - look forward to seeing you then.

Finally may I wish you and yours a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.


P.S. Our sincere thanks to Peter Baines, as always, for providing such an excellent copy and postage facility.


A.G.M. Attendance - 13 Jan 01

To: Sqn.Ldr.T.M.Jeffrey (Rtd)
      2, Hawkes End,
      Cambs.PE28 8TW                                                     Tel: 01480 454788


Tel. No:

Attendance Jan 01

   I will/will not be able to attend this (01) year's A.G.M.

   I will/will not be accompanied

Any address/personal details change?

Amongst those attending the AGM Jan 01 were the following:-

In bold from the Signing In Book  30
including ladies                          4
Unable to write                          0
Head count on the night            35

Doug Adamson
Peter Baines
Dick Barraclough
Tinkle Bell
Bugs Bendell
Fred Butcher
Teddy Bywater
Henry Chambers
Ian Craig
Barry Dale
Fergie Ferguson
Pat Ferguson
Ken Goodwin - President
Nobby Hall
Peter Jarvis
Peter Jennings
Danny Lavender
Bill Maish
Eddie McCullagh
Val Pigdon
Eric Pigdon
Al Pollock
Ann Roberts
Robby Roberts
Eric Sharp
John Sutton
Tom Watson
Jan Williams
Mike Wraight
Jeff Jeffrey - Secretary

Pictures of AGM 2001 at The Clachan, Mitre Court off Fleet Street on 13 Jan 2001
(Thanks to Jeff Jeffrey for them all)

  1. Dougie Adamson, Mike Wraight, Ian Craig and others at the AGM 2001 in The Clachan, Fleet St.
  2. Jeff Jeffrey, Pete Jarvis, Barry Dale, Fergie Ferguson, Danny Lavender, Ted Bywater AGM 2001
  3. Jeff Jeffrey and Bugs Bendell AGM 2001
  4. Dougie Adamson, Ian Craig, Mike Wraight, Unknown AGM 2001
  5. Val Pigdon, Sir John Sutton, Unknown Ladies, Eric Pigdon, Eddie McCullagh, Ken Goodwin AGM 2001
  6. Pete Jarvis, Pete Jennings, Tom Watson, Unknown, Peter Baines, Bill Maish AGM 2001
  7. Pete Jennings, Pete Jarvis, Peter Baines, Bill Maish, Dickie Barraclough AGM 2001
  8. Peter Baines, Jo Baines and others AGM 2001
  9. Eric Sharp, Jeff Jeffrey, Al Pollock, Dougie Adamson, Mike Wraight, Ian Craig, Robbie Roberts, Eddie McCullagh, Sir John Sutton, Eric Pigdon, Val Adamson, Dave Watt AGM 2001
  10. Pete Jennings, Pete Jarvis, Peter Baines, Bill Maish. AGM 2001
  11. Peter Baines, Jeff Jeffrey, Bill Maish, Al Pollock, Ken Goodwin, Val Pigdon, Ted Bywater. AGM 2001
  12. Danny Lavender, Pete Jennings, Val Pigdon, Bill Maish, Rod Farley, Ken Goodwin, Jeff Jeffrey, Al Pollock, Bugs Bendell. AGM 2001
  13. Ian Craig, Ted Bywater, Mike Wraight, Peter Baines, Danny Lavender, Tom Watson, Val Pigdon, Bill Maish. AGM 2001
  14. Mike Wraight, Dickie Barraclough, Ian Craig with Golden share he had just been awarded, Dougie Adamson, Fergie Ferguson AGM 2001
  15. Ian Craig, Dougie Adamson, Mike Wraight AGM 2001
  16. Val Pigdon, Sir John Sutton, Eric Pigdon, Eddie McCullagh, Robbie Roberts AGM 2001
  17. Pete Jennings, Eric Sharp, Al Pollock AGM 2001
  18. Ken Goodwin, Dougie Adamson, Val Adamson, Rod Farley AGM 2001
  19. Dickie Barraclough, Bugs Bendell, Peter Baines, Bill Maish AGM 2001
  20. Al Pollock, Ian Craig, Dickie Barraclough AGM 2001
  21. Gordon Talbot, Pete Hunwick AGM 2001
  22. Dave Watt and others AGM 2001
  23. Pat King, Al Pollock, Pete Hunwick, Dickie Barraclough AGM 2001
  24. Val Adamson, Pete Jarvis, Barry Dale, Tom Watson, Dougie Adamson AGM 2001
  25. Fergie Ferguson, Pat King, Peter Jones, Mamie Sharman AGM 2001
  26. Mamie and Be Be Sharman AGM 2001
  27. Unknown AGM 2001
  28. Al Pollock, Dougie Adamson and others AGM 2001
  29. Fergie Ferguson, Pat King, Pete Jones AGM 2001
  30. Mamie and Be Be Sharman AGM 2001
  31. Be Be Sharman, Al Pollock, Dickie Barraclough, Pete Hunwick. AGM 2001
  32. Dougie Adamson, Ian Craig. AGM 2001
  33. Peter Jones, Pat King, Mamie Sharman, Be Be Sharman, Al Pollock, Dickie Barraclough. AGM 2001
  34. Ian Craig, Ted Bywater, Mike Wraight, Danny Lavender, Pat King, Tom Watson, Bill Maish. AGM 2001
  35. Pat King, Al Pollock, Pete Hunwick, Dickie Barraclough AGM 2001

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