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Rhapsody in Blue
by Air Vice Marshal Graham Williams, AFC*

1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesCovering his 37 years of service in the RAF, the story is structured around the Hunter, it being the first operational aircraft he flew in 1958 and the last that he flew in December 1985.   A full outline of its extensive contents - 231 pages plus 71 photographs - of what I am sure will be an impressive addition to ones aviation library, can be found in the appended files.   Graham has extensive experience as a strike/attack pilot on Hunters, Harriers and Jaguars in the UK, Middle East and Germany, and as a test pilot.   He commanded a Harrier squadron, a Jaguar station and his R&D experience culminated in command of A&AEE (Boscombe Down), followed by five years in the MOD responsible for new equipment requirements for the RAF.   He participated in the 1969 Daily Mail Trans-Atlantic Air Race flying a Harrier from New York to London and is a holder of the Air Force Cross and bar and the Harmon Trophy.

Orders for copies can be placed directly with Graham by cheque to his postal address or via Paypal to his email address (see below).   Your cheque should be made payable to Graham Williams.   He is offering the book at a discounted price of £18 with free postage and packing and would be delighted to sign your copy if requested to do so.

Graham Williams, 5 Martinsley Lodge, Uppingham Road, Preston, Oakham. Rutland LE15 9NZ.
Email address -

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