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F540 Operations Record Book May 1957 NO 98 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2640 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71
Place Date Time Summary of Events                                Compilation Officer:   Fg/Off P.A. BARROW REFS TO APPENDICES
RAF,Jever May
1st Flying was limited today so that six aircraft could be serviced fully for use on the
forthcoming exchange visit with 247 Squadron at Odiham.   In fact 12 sorties were
flown today consisting of six sorties of high level battle formation and six
individual sorties.
    2nd Flying was again limited and only 12 sorties were flown.   These consisted of cine
exercises, battle formation and individual sorties.
    3rd A total of 14 sorties were flown today consisting of cine exercises, low level
battle formation and individual sorties.
    4th There was no flying today and pilots attended to their squadron ground duties.  
    6th Today, six pilots, Flt/ Lt. C.J. Barrey, D.F.C., A.F.C., D.F.M., Flt. Lt. R.A. Edwards,
Fg. Off. E.A. McCullagh, Fg. Off. E.B. Bywater, Fg. Off. J.D. Rastall, Fg.Off. P.A. Barrow
flew six aircraft to R.A.F. Odiham to begin an exchange visit with 247 squadron.
In return 9 pilots of 247 squadron visited Jever.   At Odiham in the afternoon,
No 98 Squadron pilots carried out local sector recces.   At Jever the remaining
pilots flew individual exercises of aerobatics, practice forced landings and G.C.A.s.
    7th A total of 18 sorties were flown at Odiham today, five of these sorties were Sector
recces and the remaining 13 sorties consisted of practice interceptions and individual
aerobatic sorties.   At Jever 9 cine and individual sorties were flown.
    8th Low cloud and rain prevented flying at Odiham in the morning and although there was
an improvement in the afternoon there was no flying because of the visit of General
Kyashi.   At Jever only 3 sorties were flown and the afternoon was devoted to sport.
    9th At Odiham flying consisted of D.M.E. Trials, practice interceptions, Sector recces and
one pair was engaged on exercise "Bombex".   At Jever 10 cine and individual
sorties were flown.
    10th The squadron detachment at Odiham flew to Hucknall this morning to pay a farewell visit to the City of Derby where they were officially welcomed by the Mayor, Councillor
J.H. Christmas and by members of the City Council and the Royal Air Force
Association.   At Jever 19 sorties were flown and included high and low level battle
and practice interceptions.
    11th There was no flying this morning and pilots attended to their squadron ground duties.  
    13th The six aircraft which had been at Hucknall over the weekend returned to Jever this
morning via Marham having previously overflown Derby.   At Jever itself 25 high and
low level battle formation, cine and individual sorties were flown.
    14th Some 25 sorties were flown today in good weather the emphasis being on battle
formation both high and low level, although some individual sorties were flown.
    15th Flying this morning consisted of high level sweep and practice interceptions, in all
six sorties were flown.   In the afternoon the Flying Wing Sports were held.
    16th Todays exercises "Guest" was held up by G.C.I. unserviceability caused by heavy
cumulo-nimbus clouds.   Three aircraft flew to Bruggen, landed, refueled and returned
simulating bombers.   Normal flying was continued after 10.00 hours local and cine and
battle formation was flown.   During the evening 8 sorties were flown against
Canberras engaged on a "Bombex" exercise.
  18th - 19th Station Standown.  
    20th A total of 22 sorties were flown today consisting of high level battle formation,
Cine and individual sorties.   In the evening the squadron flew a further 18
sorties comprising local night and high level cross country.
    21st Flying ceased this morning to enable the ground crew to make available 10 aircraft
for exercise "Vigilant".   Pilots attended to their ground duties particularly
towards pre-flight planning for the exercise routes.
    22nd Two air tests were flown this morning and by lunchtime 10 aircraft were serviceable.
In the afternoon the Station Sports were held.
    23rd Both the squadron road and rail parties left this morning for Geilenkirchen.
The road party stayed at Sundern overnight whilst the rail party arrived at
Geilenkirchen in the evening.
    24th The road party arrived at Geilenkirchen at 1400 hours and the squadron flew in from
Jever at 14.30 hours.   A briefing for the exercise was held at 18.00 hours.
    25th The first take off this morning on exercise "Vigilant", when ten aircraft flying in
pairs on different routes, was at 07.45 hours.   There were no reported interceptions.
Penetration as far as London was established in the afternoon sorties.
    26th The 10 sorties required for "Vigilant" were flown in the afternoon in excellent
weather and one interception was reported.
    27th A further twenty sorties were flown on "Vigilant", again in excellent weather and
penetrations well into England were affected.
    28th The return flight to Jever was made this morning with 11 aircraft, after which the
road party left for Sundern.
    29th The road and rail parties arrived back from Geilenkirchen and Sundern.  
    30th Flying today consisted of high level battle formation and cine exercises amounting to
19 sorties.   A further six individual sorties were flown.
    31st A total of 36 sorties were flown today, of these sorties 16 were flown on exercise
"Amled", 8 on low level battle formation and the remainder on high level battle

                                                         FLYING HOURS
    Operational Day       376.00                               Instrument Flying Actual             16.00
    Operational Night      12.55                                Instrument Flying Simulated       3.45
    Training Type             29.35                                Other Pilots                                   17.30

  May 1st Sqn. Ldr.D.T. Adamson, Flt.Lt. M.O. Bergh,AFC., Fg.Off. E.A. McCullagh and
Fg.oFF. D.A.W. Todman left for the Command Small Bore Championships at Sennelager.
    2nd Flt/Lt. I.F. Weston detached for a Hunter simulator course, in U.K.
Fg.Off. P.S. Summers returned from U.K. Leave.
    3rd Fg.Off.B. Lemon returned to No. 3 Squadron at Wunstorf after completing Hunter conversion.  
    4th Sqn. Ldr.D.T. Adamson, Fg.Off. E.A. McCullagh and Fg.Off. D.A.W. Todman returned
from Senelager.   Flt.Lt. M.O. Bergh, AFC., left for U.K. Leave.
    6th Flt.Lt. C.J. Barrey, DFC., AFC., DFM., Flt.Lt. R.A. Edwards, Fg.Off. E.B. Bywater,
Fg.Off. E.A. McCullagh , Fg.Off. J.D. Rastall and Fg.Off. P.A. Barrow left for Odiham,
leaving there on 10th May for Hucknall and returning to Jever on 13th May.
    8th Fg/Off. D.A.W. Todman left the Squadron to take up his appointment a A.D.C. to the
C in C Air Marshall J.H. Edwards-Jones, CB., CBE., DFC., AFC.,.   Fg.Off. G.V. Shipley
returned from U.K. leave.
    18th Flt.Lt. M.O. Bergh returned from U.K. leave.  
    19th Fg.Off. B.H. Dale returned from U.K. leave.  
    20th Flt.Lt. R.A. Edwards left for local leave.  
    24th Squadron detached to Geilenkirchen for exercise "Vigilant".  
    28th Squadron returned from Geilenkirchen.

The month of Nay has been notable for the exchange visit with 247 Squadron of
Odiham and the squadron's participation in exercise "Vigilant" operating from
Geilenkirchen.   The exchange visit achieved it's aim in exercising the pilots
in the methods of fighter command and of operation within the orbit of busy airspaces
in the U.K.   The weekend following this attachment the six pilots were officially
received and entertained by the Mayor and Corporation of Derby and R.A.F.A. for the
Weekend.   On Monday 13th May the six aircraft overflew Derby on their return
flight to Jever.   Exercise "Vigilant" for which the squadron was attached to Geilenkirchen
required pre-planned radar saturation raids to be flown.   This was achieved by
despatching 10 aircraft on each of the five raids.   Other flying during the month has
covered the full range of the training syllabus.

The squadron had two commitments this month requiring aircraft to be flown away from
Jever.   The first occasion to Odiham six aircraft and the second to Geilenkirchen
requiring 10 aircraft but 11 were in fact provided.   Serviceability has remained
throughout the month at a high standard.

                                                                                          signed CJBarrey
                                                                                            (C.J. BARREY)
                                                                                            ;Flight Lieutenant,
                                                                                            Officer Commanding,
                                                                                            No. 98 Squadron.
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