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F540 Operations Record Book July 1957 NO 98 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2640 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71
Place Date Time Summary of Events                                Compilation Officer:   Fg/Off P.A. BARROW REFS TO APPENDICES
R.A.F.,Jever 1st-25th July. On 30th June the Squadron ceased active operational flying and the major occupation
between 1st and 25th July has been the general disbandment of the squadron.
However a certain amount of flying has been performed by the squadron pilots on
Vampire T.11 or Hunter Mk 6 of No. 4 and 93 Squadrons.
         The initial consideration after flying ceased was to carry out all the
necessary primary and primary star inspections on the aircraft, clean and dispatch
them to units in the United Kingdom.   This was accomplished by flying out 4 aircraft
on 9th July, three on the 11th July, 4 on the 12rth July and three on the 18th July.          During this period all the squadron inventories were either disposed of
entirely or handed to No. 4 Squadron who will be occupying the squadron's hangar
from the 25th July, onwards.
         Thus from 25th July, 1957 No. 98 Squadron cease to exist as an operational
unit of the Royal Air Force, its aircraft, aircrew and ground crew dispersed, but its
number and tradition will be retained within 2 T.A.F. in the hope that at a date in
future it will be reformed.   The Squadron has served for a total of 22 years and
10 months, therefore any future reforming of the Squadron, will after a further
2 years and two months deserve the Honour of a standard.
         No. 98 Squadron has served continuously for 15 years in No. 2 Group and is
the senior squadron in time served in 2 T.A.F.   In its last detachment to A.P.S.
Sylt it received the highest Squadron average recorded at Sylt at high level.   On this
note the Squadron proudly passes into R.A.F. Squadron History.

The dispersal of pilots is as follows :-
                                      Squadron Leader D.T. Adamson
                                      Flight Lieutenant C.J. Barrey, DFC., AFC., DFM.
          Flight Lieutenant M.O. Bergh, AFC.   Posted to No. 79 Squadron
          Flight Lieutenant I.P. Weston to be officer in charge of 2 T.A.F. hunter
          flight simulator.
          Flight Lieutenant R.A. Edwards repatriated to U.K. to attend D.F.L.S.
          course at West Raynham.
          Flight Lieutenant P.A. Barrow repatriated to U.K.
          Flying Officer E.A. McCullagh repatriated to U.K.
          Flying Officer E.B. Bywater repatriated to U.K.
          Flying Officer D.G. Riley posted to No. 4 Squadron
          Flying Officer R. Shore repatriated to U.K.
          Flying Officer J.D. Rastall posted to No. 93 Squadron
          Flying Officer D.G. Hipperson posted to No. 4 Squadron
          Flying Officer A. McNae posted to No. 4 Squadron
          Flying Officer G.V. Shipley repatriated to U.K.
          Flying Officer B.H. Dale posted to No. 4 Squadron
          Flying Officer P.S. Summers repatriated to U.K.

          Ground Crew disposal is as follows :-
          To Technical Wing, Royal Air Force Jever - 9 S.N.C.O's & 19 Airmen
          To No. 4 Squadron                                        - 6 S.N.C.O's & 11 Airmen
          To No. 93 Squadron                                     - 1 S.N.C.O. & 3 Airmen

                                                                                              signed CJBarrey
                                                                                                    (C.J. BARREY)
                                                                                                    Flight Lieutenant,
                                                                                                    Officer Commanding,
                                                                                                    No. 98 Squadron.
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