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F540 Operations Record Book July 1956 NO 98 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2640 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71
Place Date Time Summary of Events                                               Compilation Officer:   FG/Off. Barrow. REFS TO APPENDICES
R.A.F. Jever July 2nd, 1956    During today some 20.05 Hunter hours were flown despite low cloud cover throughout
the day.   Sorties consisted of pairs Cine exercises and two sorties of G.C.A.'s.
    3rd    A very good days' flying with 42 sorties of day flying consisting of practice
interceptions, battle formation and Cine exercises.   A further 9 sorties of night flying
were completed.
    4th    Low cloud and rain precluded flying more than 7 sorties of individual and Cine
exercises.   The afternoon was devoted to sports.
    5th    Flying was again severely restricted by low cloud; however 10 hours of battle
and Cine exercises were completed.
    6th    A good day's flying with some 36.25 hours completed of battle formation, practice
interceptions, cine exercises and individual sorties of cross country's, mach aero-
  Sat. 7th    There was no flying this morning and pilots attended to their Squadron duties.  
  Mon. 9th    A good flying day and some 31.30 hours completed.   This consisted mainly of
individual sorties although some cine sorties were flown (8 sorties) and the Squadron
provided one pair for battle flight.
    10th    Low cloud covered the North German Plain throughout the day and only 4 sorties were
flown.   The Squadron commenced its tour on battle flight.
    11th    The weather was again poor, low cloud and bad visibility.   The airfield state
being "Red" no flying was possible.
    12th    A fair flying day today and 20 sorties were flown on Battle Flight, during which
two successful practice interceptions were carried out.
  July 13th    During today the Squadron flew 41.05 hours.   This total was made up of 24 sorties of
Battle Flight, 10 practice interceptions being carried out,
   Other flying consisted individual sorties of high level cross country's, mach runs
and practice forced landings.
  Sat. 14th    During this morning 8 sorties on Battle Flight were flown by the Squadron.  
  Mon. 16th    A good flying day with the Squadron engaged on Battle Flight during which 8 practice
interceptions were obtained.   Other flying consisted of individual sorties of
aerobatics mach runs and practice forced landings.   A further 8 sorties of local night
flying were flown, and 5 G.C.A's. were carried out at Alhorn.
    17th    A Station parade was held this morning and flying commenced at 12.45 hours.   Sorties
consisted of individual trips, practice interceptions and a rehearsal flypast for the
annual inspection by the A.O.C.
    18th    This mornings flying consisted of 8 sorties of air to sea firings a further rehearsal
for the A.O.C.
    19th    There was no flying today as the Squadron was preparing for the impending visit of the
A.O.C.   Pilots assisted the groundcrew in assuring that the hangar, aircraft and ground
equipment reached a high standard of cleanliness.
    20th    This morning a Station Parade for the A.O.C. was held.   Following this the Squadron
stood by for the A.O.C. to inspect the Squadron.   At 1600 hours four of the Squadron's
aircraft took off to take part in the Wing operational double rearm demonstration.   The
four Hunters from No. 98 Squadron completed the turn round in 11 minutes 20 seconds
finishing ahead of the other Squadrons on the Wing.
   In the evening Squadron Leader Adamson flew to Wunstorf in a T.XI returning on Monday
23rd July
  21st and 22nd Station Standown.  
  Monday 23rd    Owing to an incident to a Hunter of 20 Squadron at present detached at Sylt regarding
the connecting rod between the aileron jack and the aileron, the Squadron's Hunters
were grounded pending inspection.
    24th    The first two aircraft to pass the S.T.I. on the ailerons took off at 1000 hours.
During the day they were joined by others which passed as serviceable.   In all the
Squadron flew 21 sorties of battle formation during the day, Cine exercises, practice
interceptions (3) and individual sorties.   A further 8 sorties of local dusk and night
were flown.
  July 25th    This morning 11 sorties were flown consisting of two fours on practice interceptions,
one individual and a pair who flew to Bruggen and returned on the 26th.   The afternoon
was devoted to sport.
    26th The Squadron having nearly reached its monthly target lessened the flying intensity,
however some 32 sorties of Cine exercises were carried out, battle formation and practice
    27th    Once again the Squadron flew on a restricted basis and some 19 hours were flown, this
consisted of Cine exercises and individual trips of G.C.A's. , mach runs, aerobatics and
practice forced landings.
  Sat. 28th    There was no flying this morning however some Vampire T.XI sorties (2) were
  Mon. 30th    The only Hunter flying done today consisted of six aircraft which flew to Geilen-
-kirchen during the morning and returned after lunch.   Throughout the day there was an
exceptionally strong cross wind which limited flying to very experienced pilots only.
    31st    As the monthly target has been reached, today has been devoted to Squadron ground duties.  
                                                              Flying Hours
               Operational (Day)   336.00 hours       Instrument Flying (Actual)          23.50 hours
               Operational (Night)  19            "            Instrument Flying (Simulated) 5.10         "
               Training Types.       53.10        "            Other Pilots                                 1.15         "

  July 2nd Fg. Off. Rastall detached to Wildenwrath to attend Aviation Medicine Course.  
    4th Fg. Off. Whittaker returned from continental leave.  
    5th Fg. Off. Rastall returned from Aviation Medicine Course.  
    7th Fg. Off. Maillard left on U.K. leave.  
    11th Fg. Off. Sawyer repatriated to U.K. for demobilisation.  
    22nd Fg. Off. Hirst repatriated.  
    23rd Fg. Off. Shore detached to Wildenwrath to attend Aviation Medicine Course.  
    25th Fg. Off. Todman detached to Alhorn.  
    26th Fg. Off. Shore returned from Aviation Medicine Course.  
    27th Fg. Off. Todman returned from Ahlorn.  
    30th Fg. Off. Todman to R.A.F. Hospital Wegberg for Medical Board.  
     The weather during July has at times severely restricted flying, for on four days
flying was either precluded entirely or limited to an airfield state of "Amber".
Another restriction occurred when as a result of a Hunter incident at Sylt all Hunters
were grounded pending inspection.   A further days' flying was lost as a result of this.
The annual inspection by the A.O.C., caused the Squadron to limit its flying for three days.
However the monthly target of 348 hours was comfortably reached by the end of the month.
In fact flying intensity was reduced after 26th July.   Flt. Lt. Buchanan was attached
from Fassberg and carried out two sorties with the Squadron.
     The Squadron is at present underestablished by 1 Flt.Sgt. Aircraft Fitter, 2 Cpl.
Airframe fitters and two Airframe Mechanics.   This underestablishment has placed undue
strain on this trade particularly with regard to the inspection which was carried out
on the connecting rod between the aileron jack and the aileron.

                                                                               signed DTAdamson
                                                                                      (D.T. ADAMSON
                                                                                     Squadron Leader,
                                                                                     Officer Commanding,
                                                                                     No. 98 Squadron

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