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F540 Operations Record Book August 1956 NO 98 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2640 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71
Place Date Time Summary of Events                                    Compilation Officer:...................................... REFS TO APPENDICES
R.A.F. Jever 1956
Wed. 1st. A good flying day today with 25.2 hours accomplished consisting of battle formation,
practice interceptions and individual mach runs, aerobatics and practice forced landings.
  2nd-6th   Station stand down.  
  Tuesday 7th Poor weather in the form of low cloud and rain precluded flying all but four sorties
during the morning.   However an improvement came in the afternoon and a further 17
sorties of cine exercises and individual sorties were carried out.
  Wednesday 8th A total of sixteen sorties were flown this morning consisting of practice interceptions
and battle formation.   The afternoon was devoted to sport.
  Thursday 9th A good flying day with exercises of practice interceptions, high and low level battle
, cine and individual sorties of mach runs, aerobatics and manual practice
forced landings.   In all the Squadron flew 34.25 hours to day.
  Friday 10th. Only five aircraft were available today and thus the Squadron flew only 17 sorties
consisting of low level battle formation and individual low and high level exercises.
  Monday 13th. The reduced number of pilots (6) on the Squadron due to leave and promotion examinations
did not in any way reduce the number of sorties carried out.   In all the Squadron flew
22 sorties of practice interceptions, low level battle formation and individual sorties.
  Tuesday 14th. Flying today consisted of low level battle formation, practice interceptions (Two -
successful) cine exercises and individual low level cross country.
  Wednesday 15th. Some thirteen sorties were carried out in the morning of practice interceptions, cine
exercises, low level battle formation and individual sorties.
  Thursday 16th. Low cloud and rain covered the North German Plain during today and only six sorties of
cine were carried out.   Fg.Off. Maillard and Fg.Off. Young were diverted to
Oldenburg and returned on the 17th.
  Friday 17th. Flying today was again restricted by weather and only fourteen sorties of cine exercises
and battle formation were flown.
  Saturday 18th. Low cloud and rain again covered the North German Plain and the Squadron flew six
sorties of cine and individual trips.
  Monday 20th. A fair flying day with seventeen sorties flown.   These consisted of practice interceptions
(Four successful), cine exercises and individual trips of G.C.A., mach runs and
  Tuesday 21st. A good day's flying with nineteen sorties of practice interceptions (Six successful)
and individual trips of low flying and G.C.A.'s.   A further eight sorties were flown at
night of local night and G.C.A.'s at Alhorn.
  Wednesday/TD> 22nd. Flying today consisted of practice interceptions and individual sorties of low flying,
mach runs and aerobatics.   The afternoon was devoted to sport.
  Thursday 23rd. During the day thirteen sorties were flown only.   This was due to the aircraft being
prepared for the anticipated exercise "Guest" on the 24th.   Flying consisted of practice
interceptions and low level sorties.
  Friday 24th. Flying today consisted of mainly individual sorties of mach runs, aerobatics and
practice forced landings.   However four sorties of practice interceptions were flown.
  25th - 26th. Station Stand down.  
  Monday 27th. A good flying day, with thirty four sorties accomplished.   These consisted of low level
battle formation, cine exercises and individual trips of G.C.A.'s and low flying.
  Tuesday 28th. A very good day's flying with forty eight sorties flown, consisting of high level battle
and practice interceptions amounting to forty sorties.   The remaining eight
sorties were cine an individual trips.
  Wednesday 29th. During this morning nineteen sorties were flown consisting of practice interceptions,
battle formation, cine and individual sorties of mach runs and aerobatics.
  Thursday 30th. Today the Squadron participated in exercise "Guest" during which the Squadron flew
fifteen sorties.  Of these, eight sorties were devoted to the offensive support role, and
a further seven in the defensive role.   A further four sorties consisting of three indiv-
idual sorties and an air test were flown at the termination of the exercise.
  Friday 31st. Today flying consisted of a detail of practice interceptions and seven individual sorties
of mach runs and aerobatics.
For a large percentage of the month the Squadron has had a greatly reduced number of
pilots, owing to leave and promotion examinations.   However, by paying great attention to
planning in the organisation of programmes the monthly target has been comfortably
reached.   The weather during the month has been reasonable and has rarely had more
effect than restricted flying to 'Amber' conditions.   A welcome variation in the programme has
been provided by the re-introduction of low flying since the modification incorporating an
Audio warning of hydraulic failure has been carried out.   Exercise "Guest" it was hoped
would provide the Squadron with some intensive flying but due to the intensity of
operations at Group the first defensive section were not airborne until 11.30 hours.
Two sections flying on the offensive support role, flew without being intercepted on
either occasion.
  August 1st. Squadron Leader D.T. Adamson and Pilot Officer D.G. Hipperson left on Continental leave.  
  " 2nd. Flt.Lt. I.F. Weston left on U.K. leave.  
  " 20th. Flt.Lt. A.B. Lethbridge left on Continental leave.  
  " 21st-23rd Fg. Off. P.A. Barrow, Fg.Off. E.B. Bywater, Fg.Off. D.G. Riley, Fg.Off. R. Shore, Fg.Off.
D.A.W. Todman
, Fg.Off. N.S. Whittaker and Fg.Off. D.J. Young detached to Oldenburg for
promotion examinations.
  " 27th. Flt.Lt. I.F. Weston returned from leave..  
  " 28th. Sqn.Ldr. D.T. Adamson and Plt.Off. D.G. Hipperson returned from leave.  
There has been no material change in the ground crew state since last month.
Serviceability throughout the month has been very good with six aircraft average on
most occasions increasing to nine or ten at the end of the month.

                                                        FLYING HOURS.
Operational (Day)                                                                               338.30
Operational (Night)                                                                              11.40
Training Type                                                                                        31.40
Instrument Flying (Actual)                                                                  23.15
Instrument Flying (Simulated) 5.10                                                   4.15
                                                                                     signed DTAdamson
                                                                                      (D.T. ADAMSON
                                                                                     Squadron Leader,
                                                                                     Officer Commanding,
                                                                                     No. 98 Squadron.

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