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Vortex Problems on the Sabre
As told by Eric Pigdon to Mick Ryan
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesOn Wed 13Jul55 in Sabre F.4 XB701 V when Eric Pigdon was landing as No. 4 in a four ship formation, at about 75 ft, rounding out with the throttle closed, he hit a wing vortex from one of the aircraft ahead and this turned him upside down at about 75 feet!

1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesHe pushed forward and applied full rudder and managed to rotate the aircraft back to the correct way up.   The resulting landing was quite firm.   Instead of taxying back to the ORP he stopped in dispersal for the ground crew SNCO to check for a hard landing.   The SNCO was not perturbed at Eric's concern over the wrinkles on the Sabre's wings, pointing out that most of the Sabres had wing wrinkles.   He sent Eric back out to the ORP to line up for the next scramble.

1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesSome time later, [Actually 10Aug55], Don Exley had the same experience on Sabre XB824 except that he used the other rudder and continued the roll until he was upright again.   His landing, however, was very hard and the main undercarriage struts came up through the wings!   [Click to see report in F540.]
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