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Airfield Accident at RAF Jever - Thursday 1st November 1956
As told by Eric Pigdon to Mick Ryan    [See 93 Sqn F540 for Nov 1956.]

It was a very frosty morning and I did not have time to properly clear my 1949 Mercedes windscreen before driving to Met. Briefing.   I cleared only a small circle and hoped that there were not too many other vehicles around that early in the morning.

After briefing I offered a lift to the squadron to "Lulu" Leigh-Lancaster. My windscreen had still not cleared and I moved cautiously out on to the taxiway to take a shortcut to 93 Squadron hangar. At the last minute I spotted the crash truck driving down the taxiway but it was too late.

93sqnpic085.jpg, 52323 bytes

The collision demolished my Mercedes and didn't do the fire truck much good either. It's contents shot forward so violently that among other damage it cracked the fire truck chassis.

"Lulu" was largely OK but I banged and cut my head, damaged my arm and injured my kneecap - thus ending up in Sick Quarters.

[Click here to see the report of this incident in the F540 Monthly Operations Record for November 1956 for No 93 Squadron.]

[Click here to see the report of this incident in the No 93 Squadron Linebook.]

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