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Video showing M18-21 clip from Brian Iles's film of his return flight from RAF Jever to Bulawayo, Africa in his Miles M-18 light aircraft beginning on Tuesday 20th July 1954 and starting their return on Monday 16th August 1954.   This clip starts with their day off on Saturday th August 1954 on the beach at Cannes in France.
The next day, Sunday 29Aug54 they took off from Cannes at 1205 hrs and followed the route shown above along the coast before striking north to Lyons, landing there 2 hrs 35 mins later at 1440 hrs.   Two landmarks can be identified, first the stark single tower on the Ile d'Or and then later the stone Chateau D'If on the Island of If, just outside Marseille.
Having refueled at Lyon they were airborne again at 15:30 hrs and landed in Paris after 2 hrs 15 mins at 1745 hrs.   There are shots of Paris from the air.   There is a quick clip taken in a Paris cafe presumably during their overnight stay as they were airborne again from Paris the next day Monday 30Aug54 by 1230 hrs and took some more footage of Paris from the air.   After a 2 hrs 15 mins trip they refueled at Dusseldorf and 1 hrs 30 mins later landed back at Jever at 1810 hrs in the evening.   The clip finishes with shots of the friends welcoming them back as they taxi in.

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Il d'Or, France

The Ile d'Or is a private island located at the east of the city of Saint-Raphaël in France, facing the Dramon cap.   This small island is composed of russet rocks (porphyry) and surmounted by a tower reminiscent of the Middle Ages said to have been the inspiration for The Black Island in Hergé's The Adventures of Tintin series.   Viewed from the sea from the left side of the tower, a rock, commonly thought to resemble the profile of a gorilla, also recalls the comic books of Hergé.

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Château d'If, France

The Château d'If is a fortress (later a prison) located on the island of If, the smallest island in the Frioul archipelago situated in the Mediterranean Sea about a mile offshore in the Bay of Marseille in southeastern France.   It is famous for being one of the settings of Alexandre Dumas' adventure novel The Count of Monte Cristo.

There is no sound with this clip.   This clip runs for 1 min 26 secs.

(Thanks to Toby Iles for original film.)
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